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Sex Explosion — Issues and Answers

Where are we HEADED in the current breakdown of sexual standards?
This article "tells it like it is" and
gives real ANSWERS you can live by not only now — but fifty years from now.


BOTH AN explosion and a revolution are taking place in modern man's approach to sex.

The swiftness and the inherent danger in this sexual revolution make it vital that every thinking person give thought and consideration of what is taking place. For it does affect you. And it directly affects — like it or not — nearly all of the people around you.

At the risk of being accused of sensationalism, let us look at the subject plainly and clearly. Let us "tell it like it is." And then let us find real answers that we can LIVE BY — not only just for now, but for ten, twenty, even fifty years from now.


The Current Phenomenon

"SEX"! Just three letters long. Yet perhaps the most explosive word in the English language.

Think of the enormous influence of "sex" in our self-proclaimed "modern," "sophisticated" society. What does "sex" mean to you?

Let's play the game that $50-per-hour psychoanalysts employ: "What in modern society is associated with sex?" Magazines, billboards, movies, TV, theatre, Hollywood, night-clubs, "jet-set," college campuses, hippies, automobiles, boats, clothing, cigars, beer, cold pills, stomach pills, shaving cream, deodorants, mouthwash and toothpaste.

Is this list everything?

Of course not! It has hardly begun! Our original question might have better been phrased: "What in modern society is not associated with sex?" This is much easier to answer: "Almost nothing."

Look around you. We are inundated with sex; sex in every form, sex from every angle, sex at any time, sex around every corner, sex in every bush, sex from every medium; a saturation bombardment, a torrential attack, a deluge of perversion.


No Place to Hide?

Try a little experiment. Turn on the TV and observe how long you can watch without being assaulted by sex. Or pick up almost any magazine. How many pages can you read without being accosted?

You will be amazed and aghast at the constant references and allusions to sex. But be watchful! Most of these references are cleverly subtle. Yes, "sex" can be subtle, but no less diabolical. Whether you are aware of it or not, "society sex," "national sex," or "cultural sex" (whatever you want to call it), influences many decisions in your life, occupies much of your time, and shapes your innermost thoughts and emotions.

This society is where you live, where you work, where you relax, where you have children. There is no escape. You exist in this society!

The November 13, 1967 issue of Newsweek discussed your society: "A new, more permissive society is taking shape. Its outlines are etched most prominently in the arts — in the increasing nudity and frankness of today's films, in the candid lyrics of pop songs . . . in erotic art and television talk shows, in freer fashions and franker advertising. And, behind this expanding permissiveness in the arts stands a society in transition, a society that has lost its consensus on such crucial issues as premarital sex . . . marriage . . . and sex education."

An AP release of June 10, 1968 reports the following "progress" in the film industry: "American film makers appear ready to take another significant step in the direction of greater frankness in dealing with sex, obscene language and other subjects once considered taboo on the screen . . . Since the 1966 revision [of the movie code] vast changes have been evidenced in the film treatment of sex, nudity and language . . . Bedroom scenes became more and more explicit."

Can you believe it?

Since 1966 vast changes have been made — and things were quite bad in 1966. What will the next few years hold? We can only shudder! "Hollywood's reply to accusations that it is becoming more and more sex-obsessed is that films concerned with homosexuality, nudity or rough language . . . make money, because that's what the public wants" (Parade, Sept. 22, 1968).

Yes, the more sex-filled the movies become, the more sex-crazed the public grows, and as the public grows more sex-crazed, the movies become even more stuffed with sex to satisfy the public. A vicious circle that is leading society in an ever-increasing whirlwind to disaster.



The world of fashion will not be left behind the movies in satisfying society's craving for sex. "Fashion advice for spring: whittle the middle. Now that bare knees no longer are news, bare midriffs. Midsections are naked as nature made them in some of the spring 1969 collections, veiled only slightly with chiffon or net in others. It's all part of the nudity trend that has been moving into the feminine fashion world . . . gowns are totally transparent in a few collections" (UPI, November 15, 1968).

Sure, sex is big business. Nobody wants to be left out. An easy profit lures all possible fields. The sale of filthy, perverted, detestable "smut" literature — pornography — has always been around, catering to outcasts, fringers and perverts.

But now times have changed. All levels of society are eagerly devouring pornography. Many high-class, fashionable bookstores feature large sections devoted to "adult literature," and some bookstores are devoted exclusively to smut. Even the staid and unflappable New York Times Magazine of September 8, 1968 was forced to remark: "That we're in the presence these days of unprecedented and steadily increasing quantity, range and intensity of public sexual expression is an observable fact; that we're being inundated by a 'wave of pornography' is the most subjective of judgments."

Too many people assume that sex is rampant only in the major urban areas while the vast "heartlands" of America remain virtually unaffected. This was true. But television has changed all of that.

Yes, that TV in the living room has brought every home in America within easy range of the sex-clogged cities. TV executives, aware of the ready accessibility of television to every member of society, young and old, used to tightly control all programs. But the pressure of society has been too great; the money of greedy sponsors talks quite loudly. The public wants sex, the sponsors want the public, and television wants the sponsors.

It is cut and dried: television exploits sex.

The New York Times of April 4, 1968 assesses the situation accurately: "Every day viewers hear a barrage of double-entendre gags, view hip swayings, undulating girls and listen to attacks on the American Establishment. Dramas and soap operas often deal graphically with such once-taboo subjects as illegitimacy, adultery and premarital relations. Talk shows openly discuss homosexuality, free love, suburban [sex] life and the problems of transvestites . . . TV's trend toward permissiveness . . . is a reflection of the changing moral values of American society . . . If TV is more permissive, it is because the audience — indeed the whole society — is going along."

Robert D. Kasmire, vice-president for corporate information of N.B.C. says: "Girls are wearing miniskirts, universities and colleges are more permissive. It is the whole attitude toward sex. We try to keep up with social changes . . . Each year we do things we wouldn't have dared a year earlier."


Sex on College Campuses

The future leaders of the world reside at the colleges and universities. Is there any hope for higher moral leadership from this new generation?

You have seen that the cry for sexual permissiveness and sexual freedoms has emanated from, and echoes around these "bastions of knowledge." But perhaps you have rationalized the situation. Perhaps you have half-convinced yourself that this sexual looseness, lewdness and lasciviousness have been caused by a "vocal minority," while the great majority of students are still decent, moral and chaste.

Stop deluding yourself.

Face the real facts; don't stick your head in the sand. A recent survey by author Vance Packard has revealed that 75% of English and 58% of American college male students have experienced sexual intercourse. Even more shocking is the fact that 63% of English, and 43% of American female college students have had similar "experiences." Of the girls who had reported premarital experiences, 53% had slept with more than one man, and nearly 33% acknowledged intercourse with "many" partners.

Yes, colleges all across the world are affected. At Britain's prestigious Cambridge University, 86% of the entire student body said that premarital sex is "not always wrong." At Columbia University in New York, men may now entertain women at any hour in their dormitory rooms. At the University of Pennsylvania, coeds are now able to spend the night in the apartments of male students. The London Times of October 24, 1968 reports that the London School of Economics issues contraceptive "pills" to those girls who ask for them.

Perhaps the most exemplary story comes out of "conservative" New Zealand. Canterbury University's Student Association has approved in principle the installation of two contraceptive vending machines in the student union buildings. The president of the National Council of Churches . . . said the student attitude "seems to place sex in the same category as chocolate, cigarettes and chewing gum."

If all of this seems somewhat hard to believe, there is a simple way that you can prove it. Go down to any large university. Look at the bulletin boards. You will be shocked! Here you will find advertisements of males and females looking for temporary sex-partners! These are our "future leaders," the "hope for tomorrow."


Consider the RESULT

"Just a minute," cries a modern philosopher "isn't this sexual freedom and sexual openness a change for the better? It's stimulating, enjoyable and interesting. Life has become scintillating and zestful. No longer are people inhibited and repressed — they are more open and honest. And, what's more, human beings love this racy excitation. Why retain prudish, outmoded, irrational moral standards? Why shouldn't we do just exactly what we feel like doing, when we want, and how we want?"

The human family of living beings was endowed with a peculiar ability: to visualize the future consequences of present actions. Only man, of all created beings, has the potential to picture the future as the clear and direct result of the present. Only man can appreciate the "end results."

Mankind should then utilize his ability; he should "consider the end results."

Just what are the results of our modern, sexually permissive, sexually arousing, sexually promiscuous society? Observe these absolute results, and then you "consider the end results"!