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It's Easy . . . To believe a lie!

People will believe almost ANYTHING!
Hitler proved it.
You may not have believed Hitler's lies — but how do you know what you believe is the truth?
What is the REAL SOURCE AND AUTHORITY of your beliefs?
STUDY this article — check up on yourself, and come to KNOW that you KNOW the Truth!


DURING the battle for Kwajalein, in World War II, United States soldiers and marines were shocked to see Japanese soldiers and civilians alike committing mass suicide!

By scores and hundreds they plunged over cliffs, exploded hand grenades in their stomachs, or discharged rifles into their own mouths, rather than permit themselves to be taken prisoner.

Why such senseless suicide?

They had been taught to believe a lie! They FIRMLY BELIEVED if captured, they would be subjected to horrible tortures beyond imagination, and worse still, "brainwashed" by the "foreign white devils" into rejecting their religion and even losing their hope of eternity!

Did those who taught them KNOW they were teaching a lie? Certainly.


The Darkness of This World

People believe what they are taught! The human is not, of himself, a RATIONAL being!

Rather, as a little baby, he openly and freely admits into his little mind any and everything that is taught to him!

Let's look at a few world-wide examples and come to UNDERSTAND about our own minds.

In India today, where the average life expectancy is 29 years of age, millions of cattle roam the village streets, munching contentedly on the shopkeepers vegetables, dropping offal in the streets, or lazily chewing their cud on the same streets with dozens of bloated, blue-black bodies of the dead and dying.

Why? Why, because to the Indian, their cows are sacred!

In the Western world of the "enlightenment" of Christianity, we wag our heads in incredulous disbelief and pity toward these ignorant millions!

We know that millions of such hapless people are firmly believing in a lie.

In tiny Laos, focal point of many a threatened international squabble, thousands of helpless little infants die yearly from malnutrition and starvation.


Because their mothers believe a lie. It is still commonly accepted belief among Laotian mothers that they should fast for the first 20 days after their infants are born. Because of this prolonged abstention from food, most of the mothers lose their milk. Nearby, munching grass contentedly, may be dozens of Laotian cattle. But to the Laotian, it is a sin to drink milk. Therefore, denied both their own mother's milk, and, through superstition and religion, unable to drink the milk of the cows — the Laotian babies continue to die.


Take A Look At History

If you were to pick up a history book written by a German, and another written by an Englishman, and still another written by an American concerning certain aspects of World War II, you would be shocked.

History classes, as being taught in West German colleges and high schools vary widely from courses being taught in Britain and the United States.

Mr. T. H. Tetens says one of the appalling facts is that there exists, today, in Germany, a whole new generation of youngsters who simply DO NOT BELIEVE the Nazis ever put to death a single Jew!

Walking the streets of western German cities and villages today are hundreds of thousands of teenagers who firmly believe the Nazi concentration camps were a manufactured farce of American Zionists, and were never, in reality, operated by the Nazis in exterminating multiple millions of helpless Jews, and peoples of many other enslaved races.

Yes, MILLIONS of people believe in outright lies! Can we get the point?

There are huge bodies of peoples on this earth with whom you violently disagree! They may be political bodies, racial bodies, religious bodies. To YOU, some of their beliefs may be sheer insanity. Yet, you may never have looked into, carefully sifted, thoroughly analyzed, studied or researched into these beliefs to which you are so violently opposed.

And, what is probably far more important, you may never have carefully studied, researched, and reviewed WHY you believe the things you do!

Could YOU have believed any lies? Are you being honest with yourself?


It's A Lying World

Ever buy a used car? Ever play the shell game in a carnival? Ever hopefully expect a politician to fulfill all his promises? Have you ever been shocked at the inaccuracies of a newspaper story if it was written about something in which you were directly involved? Ever wondered about some of the claims made in advertising certain commodities?

You are living in the day of the sophisticated lie! Almost every television show, every book, every motion picture, is literally filled with shadings of the truth, half-truths, veiled or partially concealed truths, exaggerations, or outright lies!

Even most comedy series are made up from people concealing portions of the truth, telling outright lies or inventing untrue situations, and then trying to "keep up appearances" by some frantic contrivance which usually appears to be ridiculously funny to the viewer.

You are living in a world of contradictions, assumptions, exaggerations, deletions, perversions, distortions, augmentations — a world of lies!

Have you ever told a lie? Certainly. All human beings have. The story of our George Washington and the cherry tree may be widespread — but, like the statement young George is supposed to have made to his father, "I cannot tell a lie," the story itself is false!

From infancy, we feed our children (unless we have been enlightened to God's TRUTH, and have learned to quit practicing things contrary to God's law) on lies. We begin by telling them fairy tales, fantasies, or outright lies about Santa Claus.

The average young couple lies to its children about bodily processes, various adult situations, reasons why they should not touch a given object, or the horrible torture or dire punishment in the form of "the boogie man" which may appear if they get into mischief.

Children begin learning about "the sand man," "the man-in-the-moon," and "jack-and-the-beanstalk." Their little minds are completely FILLED with an endless series of sugared and candied lies!

They are introduced into a society of lies gently, "in baby talk" and child's language, but persistently, continuously. Children soon indulge in experimentation for themselves, trying to get behind the vast network of adult lies that have been told them. One of the first truths they usually discover is that, in some unknown fashion, little brother or little sister did NOT, after all, come from the stork, nor was he or she purchased from the "baby factory" at the hospital!

Yes, YOU HAVE believed in lies! Think about it for a moment!

What if you could not have relied on ANYTHING your parents had said to you? The very FIRST authority, the FIRST protection, the FIRST love, comfort, care, consideration — the FIRST WORLD every little child meets is that of its parents.

From the FIRST, the hapless, helpless little infant is utterly DEPENDENT on its parents!

Yes, THINK about it. You were a little baby once. You were utterly HELPLESS — utterly dependent upon your parents for your very survival.

As a growing young boy or girl, you innocently and eagerly BELIEVED what your parents said to you!

You BELIEVED a certain neighbor was "BAD" if your parents said so!


Remember? Sure you do! Probably, you were even told how she "heard the angels singing, as they came to take her home"!

If your parents — who were your FIRST KNOWN AUTHORITY, had told you the moon were made of green swiss cheese, you would have FIRMLY BELIEVED IT!

Recently, in the Congo, whole platoons of the Congolese "army" threw down their modern, automatic weapons — abandoned their heavily fortified, strategically located positions, and LITERALLY FLED before naked, painted, screaming savages!

The reason? Because the Congolese FIRMLY BELIEVED these painted tribal warriors with their ancient bows and arrow, their spears and "poo-poo" guns (ancient, flintlock, muzzle-loading muskets), had been given IMMUNITY TO BULLETS by their tribal witch doctors! Would YOU have believed it? If you had been Congolese, you would!

People believe what they have been taught! And they BELIEVE it — WHETHER IT IS TRUE OR NOT!

But there is a WAY to find out what is the TRUTH — about everything!