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Tap the power of Almighty GOD!

There is an outside FORCE available which very few professing
Christians understand — and even fewer utilize.
This article makes PLAIN what that power is.
It explains WHY and HOW it should be exercised in YOUR LIFE!


Tins generation does have a rendezvous with destiny. It is a world in which man's power and ability seems greater and more awesome than at any time in human history.

Yet, paradoxically, man's future was never more clouded than now. The prospects for universal famine, for national and racial wars and for human annihilation were never greater.

In spite of man's apparent technical and mechanical powers, his ultimate FAILURE to solve the real problems of life were never more starkly evident.

Yet there is HOPE!


What Man's True HOPE Really Is

Men today have become so obsessed with. their technical and scientific abilities that they imagine God is either "dead" — or certainly far off in heaven somewhere and virtually powerless to intervene in human lives and world affairs.

Be honest!

You may not have put, or even thought it in those words, but haven't you felt that way about God? Not only by the public admissions of countless pastors, priests and laymen is this proved true. But the "fruits" — the actions and results — in the lives of nearly all professing Christians graphically demonstrate that modern man is unaware and unconcerned with the POWER of His Creator.

I tell you by authority that this generation is destined to come alive and AWAKE to that POWER!

Unless you are cut off by premature death, the vast majority of you now reading this article are going to be shocked and STUNNED by the most fantastic display of supernatural power in human history. You are soon going to SEE — with your own eyes — GIGANTIC upsets in the weather leading to terrible floods and famine, mass starvation, earthquakes and huge tidal waves such as have never been dreamed of by modern, "educated" men. Then you will SEE awesome displays of supernatural power in the very heavens — culminating in the dramatic return of the very CREATOR to His Creation in the person of the Living Jesus Christ!

You WON'T have long to wait!

Finally, you will live into another world — the "World Tomorrow" — where this great POWER of God will be regularly used to keep and ENFORCE peace. This POWER will be used to CHANGE human lives and attitudes, to remove the vicious nature even from the "wild" animals! It will be used to heal the sick, to control the weather, to BLESS human beings as long as they serve and obey their Creator.

This prophecy is certain! Its outcome is SURE!


Start NOW to Understand and USE GOD'S POWER

True Christians today are in training to become kings and priests in the soon-coming "World Tomorrow" (Revelation 5:10). We must learn lessons of character — and of FAITH in God's wisdom and POWER so we can qualify even to judge or "manage" (Moffat translation) ANGELS in the "World Tomorrow" (I Corinthians 6:2-3).

You probably have been told nothing of this awesome responsibility before. But you should have been!

There it is, right in your own New Testament! Your future Job is to exercise great POWER and AUTHORITY in the Kingdom of God to be set up on this earth!

Jesus showed that His disciples would literally RULE over the twelve tribes of Israel in the "World Tomorrow" (Luke 22:28-30). He described how those faithful Christians who overcome and serve most in this life will "have AUTHORITY over ten cities." How those who have made good but not outstanding progress will be "also over five cities" (Luke 19:17-19).

Where will YOU fit into this picture?

Some may sneer and scoff. But it won't last long. For these plans and prophecies of God are very REAL. They are already beginning to happen!

Start taking a good big city newspaper. Start comparing honestly and carefully — with what you read in the prophetic articles in The PLAIN TRUTH. Then SEE these happenings unfold before your very eyes!

How, then, can you become more aware of the fantastic reality and POWER of God — and better prepare to utilize that power as an instrument in His hands?

In this series of articles on "Preparing to be a King," we have covered many points on how to be a successful human being and an effective Christian. We have described many vital "keys" on developing your mind, body, personality and character. We have described how to be a King (or "Queen") in your family kingdom, and how to build leadership and service.

But these keys are incomplete without the utilization of God's POWER. This seventh key provides the real spark and energy to make the others truly effective.

So to have the spiritual strength and impact you need in this life, and to prepare yourself to serve as a powerful instrument in Christ's government soon to be set up on earth, learn and USE this seventh "key" of exercising God's power. There are three basic steps you need to take. Here they are:


I. You Need the Proper FEAR of GOD

Should you fear God as some sort of monster?

No! Not at all.

But we human beings tend not to respect our parents, our teachers, the laws of the land — or ANYTHING — unless we become impressed with their closeness, their active intervention and their POWER.

Let me illustrate.

As a grade school child, I went to a school with a woman principal. This principal was, I am sure, a very fine lady. But she had been allowed to continue on beyond retirement age and was somewhat senile and slow moving.

Like GOD probably seems to most of you reading this, she seemed far off, out of touch, venerable but passive, and almost helpless to really do anything about explosive daily problems.

The point is, we did not FEAR this elderly lady principal or her office. Yet we should have!

For the kind of "fear" I am discussing is a sense of awe, deep respect, and appreciation of active POWER. That is the kind of fear we ought to have — and eventually must have — for Almighty God!


An Example of PROPER "Fear"

A sequel to the above which, incidentally, really happened in my life, is that in my final year or two of grade school this lady principal died. She was replaced by a reasonably young, alert, masculine fellow who immediately "took charge" of the situation.

Oh, how I remember!

On the second or third day after Mr. Antle became principal, a large group of students were coming in from the playground. As we lined up, there was the usual pushing, shoving and pulling of the girls' pigtails by us "bad little boys." There was constant giggling and scuffling — few paying any attention to the admonitions and warnings of the women teachers.

Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, I heard a wrenching sound just behind me. I quickly turned to see a horrorstricken boy being jerked off his feet, propelled bodily through the air, and landing across the new principal's knee!

A sort of muffled moan of fear and awe emanated from the group of children beholding this fearsome spectacle. Clutched in the principal's hand, a large wood paddle streaked from the sky and landed with a fierce "whop" on its appointed target. A yowl of shock and fear came from the boy's lips — giving way quickly to real cries of pain and penitence.

Standing aghast at this strange sight, I felt my body stiffen with fear and awe. All the children were similarly affected.

Immediately, all scuffling and misbehavior stopped! Great peace and tranquility descended upon West Central Grade School!

To us boys, the new principal stood ten feet tall and seemed to be always nearby, alert and powerful. Yet, he was very fair and friendly — as well as firm when necessary. We soon came to admire and respect the new principal even more than the old. He inspired us to strength, manhood and accomplishment.

But we knew he would not tolerate misbehavior. There was to be no "monkey business" while he was principal. We respected and FEARED his determination and power to enforce this standard of behavior. His "presence" was always felt with a certain awe and respect.


UNDERSTAND the Spiritual Analogy

Now follow the analogy. The great GOD who created the heavens and the earth is soon going to have to intervene — as our new principal did — and show His POWER to a complacent and rebellious race of men. He is going to show such awesome and POWERFUL signs that men will stand in FEAR and AWE of His Majesty and His office.

Then — and then ONLY — will there be peace in this war-torn world!

For since God has allowed man to go his own way for six thousand years, men have begun to assume that their very Creator is "dead," impotent, or "way off" somewhere. They have ceased to realize He is nearby and very available for help. They have ceased praying to the true God and expecting a supernatural answer if that is required. They have ceased FEARING to disobey His plain written Word and His Commandments!

Because of this, mankind is in terrible trouble. He is about to blast himself off this planet!

The true God is going to STOP IT!

We in this Work of God — including you faithful readers of The PLAIN TRUTH — have been called on to warn and witness to this world with POWER before our God intervenes. We have a job to do and that job is going to require supernatural strength, inspiration and divine POWER.