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Put Christ back in Christmas?

"Put CHRIST back in CHRISTMAS" urge church leaders — but was He ever really IN it?
You would be SHOCKED if you knew the PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS!


PEACE ON EARTH — GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN!" may sound a little shop-worn this year — in view of Viet Nam, The Congo, Cuba, The Berlin Wall, and the smoldering hatreds between Turkish and Greek Cypriots, Jews and Arabs, Indonesians and Malaysians, Chinese and Russians, Blacks and Whites, Communists and Capitalists, Rightists and Leftists, Liberals and Conservatives.

What a divided world! What chaos!

But in the Western world of Christianity, many millions will take temporary time out from their usual activities to become submerged in the flood tide of annual Christmas shopping, traffic jams, parties, and exchanging of gifts.

Somehow — all the clamor, noise, confusion and commercialism is supposed to have something to do with Christ's birthday.

But does it, really?


Some Plain Facts about Christmas

Ever wonder what "wassailing" had to do with wise men: mistletoe with the Magi; martinis with Mary; Santa with saints?

Look at the world for a moment. Here we are, hurtling around the corner into another frightening year — mid 60's — with the Soviets out front in space, the world an armed camp, deepening sociological problems the world over, and millions use Christmas as a time to forget about it all.

Christmas, in its various forms in many countries today, would hardly be recognized by its earliest proponents.

They meant it as a religious holiday — in honor of their god — NOT as a time for personal revelry, debauchery, and sneaking kisses with the neighbor's wife over the eggnog bowl.

But WHO invented it? Who were its earliest exponents? What is the real MEANING of the holly wreath, the lighting of candles, mistletoe, the Yule log, the Christmas tree, with its bulbs and orbs, Santa Claus?

Ever check your encyclopedia to find out?

You'll be absolutely astounded!

First — let's admit some widely known facts. Christmas is never mentioned in the Bible. The Christmas tree is — but in very uncomplimentary language. The wise men arrived at Christ's place of birth LONG after (some scholars say as much as several months) He was born. Scholars freely admit He was not born on or anywhere near December 25. The Magi gave their gifts directly to CHRIST — they didn't exchange them among themselves.


But in Ancient Egypt and Babylon

Christmas, say all the authorities, LONG antedates Christianity. Its origins go back to pagan Babylon, Greece, Rome, and to Egypt.

There, in various guises, the very same customs were observed by these ancient pagans on the birthday of their god — the god of the SUN, or sun-god. They observed his fanciful birthday at the time of the "Saturnalia," or lowest ebbing of the sun toward the south (those living in the northern hemisphere), and the beginning of its journey back toward spring and summer.

They had various symbols.

Symbols stand for things. These stood for a wide variety of pagan superstitions involving the source of life — of fertility. They had a little tree, which was supposed to have grown up overnight, out of an old dead log. The tree is called a Christmas tree today; the log is named "Yule."

They used round orbs, eggs, on which they painted snakes, and other designs. This was long before the time of tinsel and glass — of course, and back then, everyone knew the eggs stood for something. They reminded the pagans of the source of life.

They had wreaths of holly, because it was one of the rare plants still producing little round berries even in the snowy north. They used mistletoe because it's a parasite, and because of a pagan superstition involving its qualities of aphrodisiac. (That's why people still carry on the pagan superstition of kissing under mistletoe)

That's not all.

They observed, in short, just about EVERYTHING a modern Christian-professing person observes — though with a different label.

What Is The Difference?

But so what?

Aren't these facts more or less common knowledge?

Sure they are — published in religious newspapers, and cheerfully admitted by religious editors each year.

Then does it make any difference?

Not if there isn't any God.

But what if there is?


There is a God. You can PROVE it. And God says it does make a great deal of difference!

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