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Our family life stinks!

Something sinister is happening to the institution of the family and the home in the United States and throughout the Western world. The traditional structure of the family — the basic building block of a strong society — is being systematically destroyed! And we'd better wake up to the consequences!

The watchwords of the American home used to be terms such as permanence, stability, security. Father was the head of the home, the breadwinner, the wage earner. Mother was at home caring for the children and managing the house — and happy and proud of her role.

But in this day of women's "liberation" and changing sex roles, father, frequently, no longer assumes his dominant position, one upon whom the other family members depend. Mother, in addition, has left the home to seek "fulfillment" through a job of her own.

"But what's wrong with that?" many ask.”What difference does it make? Who's getting hurt?"

Who's getting hurt? The children are. The parents of future generations are. Look what's happening. Preschoolers often grow up without the vital parental contact, guidance and example so critical in those early formative years. School-aged children, returning to an empty house after school, are left to their own devices. The result is sometimes shocking.

Not long ago an appalling story appeared in the Los Angeles Times which revealed that an estimated 30,000 children — primarily boys, ages six to 17 — in the Los Angeles area are being sexually abused by the thousands of "gay" perverts with which the city teams.

An investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that in nearly every instance, these victimized kids came from a broken or neglected home, a home in which no strong father figure was present, or a home where mom was at work, or where the parents had abandoned their parental responsibilities. Many of these youngsters, the report showed, are simply starved for a little affection. And so they fall easy prey to the seduction of homosexual deviates who ply the streets of L.A. looking for some sexual titillation while offering "love" to their victims.

Those children fortunate enough to avoid being victimized in such manner may instead become involved in juvenile crime, which is on the upswing nationwide.

Illegitimacy is also a growing threat to the family institution. Nationwide over 13% of all children are born to unmarried women, who — in 50% of the cases — are still teenagers. Nearly one million teenagers become pregnant every year. In fact, it was recently reported that having babies out of wedlock is actually becoming a status symbol among teenage girls!

Skyrocketing divorce rates are also assailing the family institution. Couples are throwing in the towel and calling it quits more than ever before. One out of every three marriages in the United States ultimately ends in divorce. And again, it's the children who suffer.

Talk with some of the police officers who have to deal with the constant stream of juvenile offenders. Ask the officers about the family backgrounds of these kids, and they'll tell you about homes broken by divorce, abusive or neglectful parents, fathers who spend no time with their children, mothers who are rarely home.

Curiously, there are still those who say nobody is getting hurt, that the changes we're seeing relative to home and family are positive!

We in the United States and the nations of the Western world are bringing a curse upon ourselves, and many are too blind to see it. If we don't change our ways, turn around and halt the disintegration of the building blocks of family and home, then the entire structure of our society will come crashing down.

Many of the same mistakes that led to the ultimate collapse of the once-mighty Roman Empire are being repeated in America, Britain, and other Western nations. The disintegration of the home is only one of many factors speeding us along the same path. Write for our free booklet The Modern Romans for a comprehensive look at what lies in store — if we don't change our ways.