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How to bake whole wheat bread

WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT can be purchased in bulk form from local mills, stores which sell grains in bulk or even by mail from the mill. Most reputable health food stores could give information about the best places to purchase whole grains.

The best bread is made from "hard" wheat grown in such areas of the northern United States as Montana or North Dakota. This wheat has a 14% or higher protein content, which is not only nutritionally valuable, but aids in the prevention of bread staling.

It is best to grind your own flour.


Using An Electric Grinder

Electric grinders are fairly expensive, costing around $150. But consider the following: An average family may eat one or more loaves of bread per day. If sweet rolls, cakes and other bakery products are considered, this amount is even greater. For a one-pound loaf of good whole wheat bread (such bread is almost impossible to find in many areas) you will pay about 55₵.

Although they do not grind wheat as quickly and efficiently, hand operated grinders can be purchased for about ten to fifteen dollars. An electric grinder, even though expensive, is well worth the price. The best grinder on the U.S. market at the present time is the All-Grain two-stone electric grinder.

For home-made bread, using even more expensive ingredients, the cost of a one-pound loaf is about 24₵ (The following recipe yields two loaves which weigh about one pound each) By making your own bread, you may save about 31₵ per loaf.


Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

There are many recipes for baking whole wheat bread, some less involved or quicker than others. The recipe given here has been selected because of its reliability and time-tested overall quality.


1¾ cups milk

2 tsp. salt

⅓ cup olive oil

½ cup water

⅓ cup honey

2 eggs

2 cakes of yeast

6 cups whole wheat flour (approx)


Summary of Procedure

Scald milk and cool slightly. Add salt, oil, honey, water, eggs, and yeast. Mix well. Sift flour and add to mixture. Add enough flour to make dough the consistency of a cake. Let stand 15 minutes. Sift and add more flour until too thick to stir with a spoon. Work with hands and then turn out on floured pastry cloth (fold and push, add flour). Knead for about 10 to 20 minutes. Put back into bowl and let rise until double in size (takes approx. 45 minutes). Divide into two pieces and shape into loaves. Place in buttered loaf pans. Cover and let rise until double in size. Place in oven and set at 350 F. For better rising, do not preheat oven. Bake for 1 hour.