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The grim dilemma of Government (Part 1)

Now emerging as the big headache of our times — GOVERNMENT.
NATO in trouble; the reunification of Germany again becoming an issue;
the developing arms race in the Mideast; Vietnam;
the emergence of several new governments each year — the world finds itself with a
whole new set of headaches unimagined only a few years ago.
What does it all mean? Where is it LEADING?
What will be the final solution?


GOVERNMENT is the biggest business on earth. In many nations, the government is the biggest land owner, the biggest employer, the biggest investor, the biggest spender, and has the biggest headache and the biggest hangover.

The whole history of man revolves around the attempt of human beings to govern themselves without interference from any outside source. Government implies order. Government means law.

But, paradoxically, these tremendous and worthwhile commodities are becoming increasingly sparse in a lawless and chaotic world. Today the greatest attempt of man at world government in all history appears doomed to failure!

With the continuing dilution of the United Nations, and the creation of several new nations each year, the world finds itself with a grim new set of problems for which there appear no solutions.


The Problems Labeled "Insoluble."

Strangely, in this world of giant headaches and huge hangovers, the United States and Great Britain seem to automatically inherit all the problems labeled "insoluble" around the world, the biggest and most all-consuming headache facing any government today is how to achieve world peace!

Yet no existing government knows!

Each new administration in the United States realizes it is saddled with the almost impossible burden of leading all other governments who strive toward peace on earth, the rights of the individual, and the settlement of international disputes through world courts of law.

The problems of government today are no longer confined to the domestic considerations of food, shelter and clothing for any given nation. Rather, the governmental system of each nation, no matter how small, has suddenly become the headaches and problems of every other nation, no matter how large!

First and foremost, the constant, steady, monotonous increase of population is of the biggest moment, and the utmost concern to all governments on earth today.

If there were no hydrogen bombs, no conflicts between the big ideologies, no religious differences, no racial differences, and if there were, in short, NONE of the myriad problems confronting the world today except this single awesome problem, the "population explosion" all by itself would be the most gigantic headache to ever chill the brain of man since Eve beheld the lifeless body of her son Abel lying murdered in the field!

And what are the solutions to the population explosion?

Leaders in government know the population explosion is not even remotely controllable. If it were, the beginning elements of control would involve massive, worldwide education, complete reversal and modernization of ancient, time-honored religious concepts, the sudden discarding of thousands of weird, superstitious tribal taboos, a total change in the customs of dozens of societies and religions, and a massive, globe-girdling onslaught of scientific and clinical information to the entire population of the world — not to mention the manufacture, distribution, sale, and education in the use of various birth-control measures.

Any such program is, of course, utterly and excruciatingly impossible!

But the population explosion only implies bigger and more awesome headaches.

In direct relationship to the population explosion, and as an immediate result of it, come the awesome, all-consuming, brain-chilling FOOD WARS of the future. Already, the world is being given a faint glimpse of what can happen to the simple, everyday pressure of growing populations with not enough food to eat.

The screaming, enraged, rock-throwing crowds of many sections of India today are only the faintest warning of the beginning mutterings of the unsatisfied voices of hundreds of millions of human beings who realize the impending day of their bloated, agonizing, slow-death starvation draws near!

But again, the food wars of the future — staggering though they seem — are only a part of the picture.

World famine has been predicted, not by religious fanatics, but by steady, sober, serious-minded researchers who have dedicated themselves to painstaking collection of facts and statistics based upon populations plus arable acres minus minimum daily food requirements.

And, like it or not, believe it or not, accept it or not — the fact remains the same; worldwide DROUGHT IS fully expected by all experts some time in the early 1970s!

Next in the wake of this impending calamity comes mounting disease epidemics! The simple crowding of human beings together, plus the lack of foodstuffs, plus the fights, squabbles, battles and wars — means unparalleled disease. Like the "black death" (bubonic plague) that in many areas swept fully 50 percent of the population of Europe and England from the face of the earth so many centuries ago, the disease epidemics of the future will be so staggering in proportion there does not remain sufficient words in the English language to describe them.

All this — and we haven't yet mentioned the hydrogen bomb!

But the hydrogen bomb deserves mentioning!


Under The Shadow of the Bomb

With the escalation in the number of members of the "Nuclear Club," the world faces a whole new set of incredible headaches.

Recent reports indicate Red China has exploded a hydrogen bomb! Yet, our calloused populaces can scarcely digest this fact, even though the announcement that RUSSIA had exploded a similar device clear back in 1950 so shocked and appalled us we could scarcely believe it at the time.

And how delicate, and intricate, are the headaches attendant upon the world pile of H-bombs.

To give you even the beginning concept, the bombs on hand in the world today are equal to 100 TRILLION pounds of TNT!

Remember, one trillion represents 1,000 BILLION! And a billion is exactly one thousand MILLION!

Put in different terms, that means there is enough explosive force represented by pounds of TNT for YOU, as a person, to weigh fully 28,000 pounds!

Perhaps a further comparison would shock you even more. There are not enough goods, foods, medicines, books, clothing, or any of the other commodities available which r could be called necessities or luxuries of life to represent 28,000 pounds per person on earth!

Truthfully, there is not enough to represent even a substantial fraction of that weight.

Yet, as ultimate an irony as it seems, there is at this precise moment (and each day this amount is being increased) more pounds reserved for each human being in terms of total destructive force than are available to him for his own personal use to make life more worthwhile!

And the headaches of this atomic age simply defy description.

With neighbors who frankly hate each other, differing races, squabbling ideologies, conflicting languages and religions as the potential match to ignite a whole host of future world hot spots, more and more nations find themselves in a position to begin manufacturing atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Here's how the problem works!


How More Nations Join the "Atomic Club"

India knows Red China is completing massive troop buildups on the Indian border. India knows Red China has the Atomic Bomb, and possibly the HYDROGEN bomb. That means, in the most urgent considerations of national security, India MUST HAVE THE BOMB! Purely as a DEFENSIVE measure against Red China, of course.

But then there's Pakistan! The two Pakistan’s, ruptured asunder by the sprawling mass of India, exist as two separate geographical entities, yet one nation, born of violent hatreds between Hindu and Moslem. Should India build the bombs, Pakistanis would turn in desperation to the big powers — they would be FORCED to obtain nuclear weapons! Regardless as to India's claims she might build the bomb in self-defense, Pakistan would live in critical jeopardy every moment she did not build a nuclear force to counterbalance Indian nuclear arms.

Here's another part of the throbbing headache of nuclear escalation.

Indonesia may build a bomb in a few years. Indonesia hates Malaysia — has sworn to destroy the new federation. Indonesia lays claim to North Borneo, and Sukarno's guerrilla fighters infiltrating into North Borneo from Indonesia caused Britain to send airborne troops to Brunei where crack helicopter patrols still must watch the dangerous jungle border.

And what about Cuba? Should Cuba get the bomb — the entirety of Central and South America would tremble in fear. Castro would have achieved a fantastic ideological and propaganda weapon with which to cow and terrorize weak Central American neighbors. The United States would see the immediate spread of Castro-inspired communism into more and more of the Western Hemisphere.

And last, but by NO MEANS LEAST, there's Japan!

With China possessing the Bomb, does Japan DARE not build one of her own? Japan is the super-giant of the Orient, rising to dizzying heights of economic prosperity. As we have reported in past issues of this magazine, the world is YET to hear of alarming trends in Japan! Japan is the real force and power of the Orient. Make no mistake, the Japanese will not risk their booming industry and thriving economy to potential Red Chinese threat. Japan could join the "nuclear club" any time!

What kind of a world will it be — what kind of headaches for government — when up to FORTY NATIONS possess nuclear arms? Think about it.

Another of the almost incredible aspects of the problem is that fully 50 percent of all the hydrogen bombs manufactured by the United States are stockpiled in central Europe (primarily West Germany)! If you really know what your Bible says about the future of central Europe, and the soon-coming emergence of a United States of Europe, with a reunified, resurgent Germany at its head, the simple statement that one-half of all United-States-manufactured hydrogen bombs are stockpiled in Germany would sober you to the point of your deepest and most earnest moment of prayer!

It is impossible to take further space in this article concerning these MAJOR headaches confronting governments today. Not the next ten full issues of The PLAIN TRUTH with each article concerned primarily with that one problem alone could even begin to cover the subject!