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What is Freedom?

This month of July commemorates the independence of the United States of America.
But how much real freedom is there in a nation which leads the world in crime, divorce and degenerative diseases?
This article shows the only source of REAL AND LASTING FREEDOM!


"UHURU!" That's the word that means freedom to the natives of the Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and most of the rest of the newly independent nations of Africa.

As the rhythmic, swelling chant of "UHURU" rises from the throats of thousands of excited natives, often wild thoughts of lust surge in their minds. To the average African, "uhuru" — freedom — means that he will now be able to take what the white man has — his car, his business, his house, even his wife!

RAPE, PILLAGE, PLUNDER, BURN, DESTROY AND TAKE — that's all FREEDOM means to many thousands, even millions, of the restless people of Africa — especially in the Congo.


Today's Headlines

This idea of freedom is not history, it is today's news — and it is prophesied to get MUCH WORSE!

In 1960, when the Congo was given its independence, the daily newspaper stories read like the most grotesque of horror stories. One woman who fled to Brazzaville, the French Republic of the Congo, stated with revulsion the stark reality of the situation: "How many times the Africans said before Independence Day, 'That white woman will be mine, that house will be mine, that car will be mine' — NOW IT HAS HAPPENED AS THEY SAID!"

This woman was one of those fortunate enough to have escaped the Congo with her life.

Others were not so fortunate! Among the U.N. personnel sent to police the Congo, 16 Italians were surrounded and massacred — but killing them was not enough! As each one was shot, he was cut up into pieces and these pieces were passed out to the crowd. Still other pieces were saved and sold in the Kindu market place! A few days later no remnants of any of these bodies could be found — except one solitary hand which was given to a World Health Organization doctor in a sadistically mock ceremony.

How many of these pieces were actually eaten by the citizens of the Congo, reveling in their new-found "freedom," is not known. It is a documented fact, however, that at least one Irish soldier — among eight captured in a Northern Katanga ambush — was eaten in a cannibal ritual!

Those who shout "uhuru" want to be independent of the white man's justice and judgment — and some of them want to be free to eat anybody they choose! It is their belief that if they eat their enemy, they will be strengthened by it. In fact, some believe that the more dreaded and hated the enemy is the more powerful the magic will be when they have consumed the body of that person. They DEVOUTLY BELIEVE that eating the legs of their enemy will give them increased speed — that eating the brain will give them increased intelligence — that eating the heart will bring courage! AND SOME WANT TO BE FREE TO PRACTICE THIS BELIEF!


Natives Suffer Also

IF is not only the white man who has suffered in this chaotic explosion of "freedom" throughout Africa. Actually, the number of white persons being killed or mutilated or eaten is far less than the number of blacks who suffered at the hands of their own! The reason you hear more about the white man suffering, is that the white man has control of most of the news media — and because it seems to western minds that it is more of an explosive headline crime when a white man suffers than when equal pain and indignity is executed on a colored person.

Since 1960, well more than 100,000 natives throughout Africa have suffered most violent and gruesome deaths at the hands of their fellow natives. As was reported in the pages of The PLAIN TRUTH of March of this year — "In Rwanda — a former Belgian colony — the now-independent Bahutu tribesmen, given 'freedom,' are literally butchering like animals the famed Watusi (their average height nearly 6'6") by the thousands! The current toll of the Watusi lives may well be approaching 20,000!" Those 20,000 human beings butchered in an inter-tribal blood bath were not warriors and soldiers. Many men were included, but also thousands of women and children!

The object of the Bahutus was to completely do away with all of the Watusi in their realm! The Bahutus could not consider themselves truly free — living in the spirit of "uhuru" — until they had deprived the last Watusi of the breath of life! One of the favorite modes of killing the Watusi was to tie their forearms and their forelegs together, behind their backs, and throw them into a river — and watch the crocodiles devour them.


Uhuru — Freedom's TORTURE!

It is not enough for these primitive peoples to merely kill a human being. "A detachment of this army {the native Congo Peace Force} herded over 60 men, women and children into the Mission of St. Jean de Bakwa near Bakwanga, then murdered them. Machine gunners blasted tiny tots huddled in terror under school desks. Swinging machetes, the Central Government Force butchered many of those who escaped the fusillade. After the massacre, the Congolese detachment retired to its camp for a repast of canned fish — supplied by the U.N.!" (Ray Vicker, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 8, 1960)

Space does not permit — and I do not have the heart to go on — telling of the thousands of bloody atrocities that have taken place in the last four years! When Angola revolted against its stern colonial rulers, news sources revealed that both sides were guilty of some of the most heinous crimes of man against man ever recorded — pregnant women, little children, old men were hacked to pieces in a blood-lust, "freedom" frenzy!


Yet Relatively Few Die by Violence

Despite these statistics of horror, the news becomes even more alarming when you realize that many more thousands of individuals have died, since the cry of "uhuru" burst forth on the black continent, from the pangs of HUNGER and the ravages of DISEASE! And no wonder! Whole chapters of the Bible are devoted to four basic catastrophes that befall any people which seek to have freedom without law!

Those four basic plagues are

1) The ravages of wild animals: beasts gone mad and destroying the population of the countryside. Africa has long suffered from this, and the nights of terror spent by natives are innumerable!

2) Famine: When law and order go out the window — when there is no central authority to govern and rule the actions of mankind — each man lives in fear of the other. This has happened in the Congo — crops have gone untended. And now, since years have passed, crops are not even planted any more. As a result, thousands are losing their lives by starvation. The United States and the United Nations are sending millions of tons of food to supply the need — but the need is far greater than the supply!

3) Pestilence: Always in the wake of malnutrition — and as a result of not knowing the laws which govern even common sanitation — disease rears its ugly head. You yourself have probably seen heart-rending and stomach-turning pictures in Life, Look and Post magazines of the poor, disease-ridden bodies of natives suffering with every disease known to mankind, from rickets to smallpox! Under present conditions these disease epidemics can only continue and grow worse.

4) The sword! WAR: And so the vicious cycle continues. (See Lev. 26; Deut. 28; Ezek. 14)

These conditions are real TODAY! They exist throughout vast areas of the continent of Africa, of Asia — and they are PROPHESIED to exist in North America and throughout the British Commonwealth! These conditions are the inevitable result of striving to have freedom without law!


No Liberty without Law

Most of today's responsible political leaders realize that there is one real, absolute truth — that you cannot have liberty and freedom without law! These leaders have publicly expressed the fact that mankind's only salvation from a nuclear holocaust lies in a world-governing body capable of executing LAW throughout the world and punishing offenders!

While the Congo was being governed by the Belgians, the natives were free to plant and harvest. They were free to travel from one area to another. They were free to build homes, to hunt animals — they were free to learn more in the schools — free to educate themselves! Then they began to shout for "freedom!"

But their idea of freedom was to do away with the laws which provided that freedom!

Immediately after they gained their "freedom" they were no longer free to plant and harvest — to build homes and to educate themselves! When they began to disobey the laws of order, those laws brought the inevitable and brutal punishment of chaos! What freedom they had, was wiped out completely.


The Real Trouble

You can plainly see that the real trouble in the Congo is not primitive agriculture or a backward people, alone — the key to the situation is the fact that the Congo is no longer GOVERNED at all! In the Congo especially, and in other areas, the only word for the political situation is CHAOS! The people wanted to become independent — wanted to govern themselves — wanted to have "freedom!"

But they did not realize the price one has to pay for freedom! They did not realize that you cannot have freedom without law and the exercise of self-discipline.

You yourself may realize this to be true. You yourself have rejected the law of the jungle. What you may not realize is how precipitously close to this same law of the jungle THIS WHOLE WORLD Is!

In the African chaos the means of inflicting injury on fellow human beings is rather primitive and restricted. The frightful weapons now in the hands of technically educated rulers of this world are capable of WORLD DESTRUCTION! Communist leaders have the same basic human nature that the natives of Africa has. Each has HIS OWN interpretation of what freedom is. Each wants HIS OWN liberty to pursue what HE feels is the right way of life. Yet each is just as completely separated from true freedom as are the primitive peoples of Africa.


The Modern Trend

The more one understands this world's ways the more one can see that humanity has not found the answer to how to live — why we are here on this earth and what the purpose of life is!

The most sophisticated of today's schools of learning blatantly instruct their students that the only thing that is consistent is inconsistency. They teach that there is no basic truth, that truth varies with time and occasion. Yet they diligently strive to learn the laws of chemistry and physics — realizing that these are ABSOLUTE PHYSICAL TRUTHS — they teach that there are no such laws for human conduct. This is ignorance in the highest degree!

They teach that each man must find his own moral code — that each man must decide for himself what is right and what is wrong! Don't you see that this is exactly what they are doing in the Congo!


Listen to Wisdom

In modern man's headlong rush toward anarchy and chaos, he is even ignoring the wisdom of mankind! Read here what wise men of the past have written, and recognized to be true: "Anarchy is the choking, sweltering, deadly, and killing rule of no rule" (Carlyle). "Anarchy is hatred of human authority; atheism of divine authority — two sides of the same whole" (MacPherson). "WHERE LAW ENDS, TYRANNY BEGINS" (Wilkes). "True freedom consists with the observance of law" (Thornton). "Liberty is the right to do what the law permits" (Montesquieu).

These men and many others like them — responsible, thinking men — realize that you cannot have freedom or liberty in a society where each man does what is right in his own eyes! And God Himself thunders at this generation: "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the END THEREOF are the ways of death" (Prov. 14:12 and Prov. 16:25).

What has the teaching that there is no absolute truth — that there is no divine governing law that brings freedom, peace and liberty — produced? You will find the answer in the conduct of the men of the United States Armed Forces taken captive in the Korean conflict. Many of them were guilty of collaborating with the enemy on a scale never known before in United States history! One out of every three of the American prisoners in that war collaborated with the Communist enemy!

Government authorities later established that the reason was basically one of education — that these soldiers had not been taught what was right and what was wrong by their mothers and fathers. These same young men, when they went to school, were not told by their teachers that there is a right and a wrong way to do things. They were rather taught permissively and allowed to do as they pleased, each seeking "his own moral code." And these young men's church affiliation did not help them either — because they were told from their pulpits that God's grace and mercy does away with any necessity to obey law.

When these mis-educated young men were faced with a new set of circumstances — when a Communist government was in control of them — they decided that what HAD been right back in the United States was NOT right in a prisoner-of-war camp; and what HAD been wrong in the United States was NOT wrong in a prisoner-of-war camp.

They responded in exact proportion to the teachings they had received!

They had been taught there are no absolute truths — that each occasion demands a separate code of ethics! And that's why one third became traitors to their own country!