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The Unfinished Revolution (part 5)

This fifth in a series of firsthand reports on the Soviet Union
reveals the shocking contrast between Soviet and Western youth.
Here are facts most magazines have not dared to publish.


Moscow, USSR

IT is time we opened our eyes to the facts. Why is it that in the prosperous West there is skyrocketing crime, juvenile delinquency, a constantly rising divorce rate, so little happiness?

Yet, in the Soviet Union, which rejects God and His revelation, individual crime is NOT skyrocketing, juvenile delinquency is almost nonexistent, crime in the streets doesn't exist, and for children to murder parents is unthinkable!

Why this paradox?


In the Western World

Consider for a moment. The Western world today is reaping the fruits of an educational philosophy which says there are "no absolutes." Educators announce "everything is relative." Youth in the West live in a PERMISSIVE society where virtually anything goes!

In the West schools train only the intellect — and have left character training supposedly to the home and religion.

But the discipline of character training is generally missing from the home. And the churches? Most of them openly reject the Ten Commandments of God!

Kubik — Ambassador College

After the 1917 revolution, Communists quickly learned the need
for stable family life — illustrated in this photo — a Jewish family in Bukhara, Central Asia.

The result of this tragedy is that Western society has become so wicked that virtue and integrity are nearly blotted out by immorality and degradation. People have become so morally bankrupt that they haven't the sense to see something is dreadfully WRONG!

Most people don't realize that the Soviets tried and rejected today's Western philosophy after the Communist Revolution in 1917. They experimented with a permissive type society, with no absolutes. Their experiments led to divorce, to delinquency and sex problems. Crime skyrocketed. The Soviets learned from their foolish experiments. They quickly saw that no system of government, right or wrong, could long survive when it allows the home to break up, neglects child rearing, and does away with parental responsibility and authority.

I. Vinogradov, D. Sholomovich — Novosti Photos

Of course Communists in the West are quite willing to teach permissiveness. They encourage the West's headlong plunge into moral depravity. "Any form of accomplishing socialist revolution is justifiable and lawful," declares the author of World Revolutionary Movement of the Working Class, page 230. Communists will stoop to any trick to seduce the West to wallow in moral bankruptcy, knowing that such a policy leads to national suicide!

But they teach their own youth a different morality.


Life in Moscow emphasizes family unity and concern for children. Despite limited housing, juvenile delinquency is not a problem in USSR — because of emphasis on the need for child training.

Left, family watches Party message on Moscow television in tiny living room of a three-room apartment.

Below, a kitchen scene is unbelievably crowded.


Education in Soviet Russia

Few understand it, but there is a VAST DIFFERENCE between education in the Soviet Union and most Western countries. Strangely enough, Soviet educators — who deny God and His Truth — have at least learned that children need to be taught moral responsibility.

M.I. Kalinin, author of Communist Education, has written: "To educate means to influence the psychological and moral development of a youngster, namely, to make a man out of him." Soviet educators don't want their young people to become hippies though they deceitfully encourage it in Western schools. They understand that rearing children is the responsibility of ALL SOCIETY — no one excepted.

Said S.A. Shmakov, "To educate an individual, to develop his character and formulate his convictions is much more important than building cities, developing new machinery, and sending rockets into the cosmos" (To Inspire Children, page 46).

Communist leaders realize that self-discipline is at the heart of education. The basic responsibilities of every Soviet citizen are, first of all, to obey the law, to be honest in all dealings, and to respect the regulations of society. Children are taught to obey all rules at school and at home. Prankish behavior, foolishness and classroom disorderliness are not tolerated.

Young Soviet citizens are taught and trained to be responsible! Crime, juvenile delinquency, and immoral behavior consequently are NOT skyrocketing in the Soviet Union.

This fact is underlined by the conduct of Russian seamen in ports throughout the Mediterranean region. Soviet sailors, when they have opportunity to go ashore, conduct themselves with strict morality. They often visit sites of cultural interest, art galleries, museums, and historical monuments. They are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. They do not frequent the brothels and houses of prostitution. According to reports, prostitutes are very unhappy when the Russian sailors come to town!

This is in striking contrast to the conduct of sailors of most Western nations!


Sex Education in Russia

During our visit to the Soviet Union, we had the opportunity to see Soviet kindergartens and schools and watch the training of school children who were on vacation.

They were friendly, very orderly, and well behaved. Except for Central Asia, where the number of teachers is limited, there were no signs of rowdiness or unruly behavior. We were at first surprised by this example of conduct.

What about sex education of young people in the USSR? In most of Western Europe and, the English-speaking world, sex is used to sell everything from monkey wrenches to new automobiles,' men's colognes to toothpaste! The constant bombardment of sex, sex, sex, in the movies, on television, in magazines and on billboards, contributes significantly to the breakdown in morality in Western nations. Young minds are deluged with sex, nourished on sex, virtually brought up and reared by sexual stimuli! No wonder so many broken homes, divorces, illegitimate babies, so much fornication, adultery and widespread promiscuousness!

What a contrast to the Soviet Union, today. Surprising to many, there are few broken homes in the USSR. Divorces, though allowed, are discouraged. Fornication, adultery and promiscuity are treated as social crimes.

Many men in the West believe they have the "right" to free sex — extramarital or premarital sex. Communists know that this sort of promiscuity leads to tragic lives and has a detrimental effect on society. Prostitution has almost completely disappeared from the Soviet Union. Communist leaders realize, now, that the family and marriage — the HOME — constitute the FOUNDATION of a strong society!

After their foolish experiments following the October Revolution in 1917, they have come to see that the home must be safeguarded at all costs!

In order to protect the family, the Soviet government begins moral education at a very early age. In the formative, pre-school years children are exposed to moral and ethical instruction and discipline.

Close attention is given to the sexual development of children.

Kubik — Ambassador College

Friendly Uzbek family on vacation teach child about their cultural heritage.

Although sex education is not singled out by the Soviet school, it is included indirectly in the curriculum. This instruction includes the moral and ethical implications of sex, as well as basic biological factors.

However, even Soviet parents sometimes have difficulties explaining to children where babies come from!

Dirty "gutter talk" and foul language is discouraged by leaders in the Soviet Union. They see that such language contributes to antisocial behavior in children and leads to a distorted view of sex. Communists teach that everyone must participate in the fight to keep language clean and decent.

When it comes to sex and morals, Soviet youngsters are taught to develop will power to control and rule over their natural impulses. From early childhood they are taught that not all desires can be or should be immediately fulfilled. Unlike many western psychologists and doctors, who claim that masturbation is all right and does not harm children, educators in the Soviet Union realize that the opposite is true.

To help Soviet children overcome any preoccupation with sex, they are encouraged by authorities to engage actively in stimulating sports activities. They are encouraged to lead active, vigorous lives, with a complete daily schedule so no time is left to "fool around." Children are not permitted to lie on their stomachs in bed or to keep their hands under the blanket.

Masturbation, Soviet educators realize, contributes to chronic apathy, tiredness, and mental and physical indifference.

Naturally, there are those in the USSR who do weakly give in to their impulses and lusts!

Soviet authorities are aware that abuse of alcohol results in many undesirable situations in family life — abuse of sex, extramarital affairs — and that it has a pernicious effect on society as a whole. Alcoholism is a problem in the USSR — but it is just as big a problem among foreign tourists traveling in the USSR!


The Ideal of Marriage

Generally speaking, the Soviet considers the best age for marriage to be the twenty to twenty-four age group, if the couple are socially ready and able to accept the responsibility of family life. Marriage of adolescents eighteen and younger is strongly discouraged.

Finding a mate in the USSR is recognized as a vitally important step in life. A genuine depth of mutual respect, common interests, educational and personality compatibility are strongly recommended for young would-be married couples. Parents are encouraged to render wise and helpful guidance to their children in selecting a mate. Constructive, positive, tactful and wise counseling is urged.

Divorce is permitted in the Soviet Union, but Soviet educators teach young people that children suffer most if the family breaks up. Even in the USSR, however, some few seek divorce for such trivial reasons as character incompatibility, alienation of affection, dissatisfaction, mental cruelty, etc.


The Stark Contrast

Seeing firsthand the emphasis which the Soviet Union places on the discipline and character of young people, it becomes very apparent why Almighty God is especially angry with His people, modern-day Israel.

The peoples of the USSR have learned that dissolution of moral standards does not pay.

In spite of the fact the United States, Britain, and the nations of northwest Europe have the Bible, are filled with churches, and supposedly are "Christian" in morals, our peoples have become MORALLY WORSE THAN THE ATHEISTIC GENTILES OF THE USSR!

Our people have cast off all restraint. We have ejected the Bible from the classroom and repudiated God's principles of morality while claiming to be a Christian society. We have proclaimed the name of God but ignored and rejected His authority over our lives! WE HAVE FORGOTTEN THE GOD WHO MADE US!

Paradoxically, the atheist leaders of the USSR who spit in God's face have had at least the sense to see the need for self-discipline, character training, honesty, and morality among their followers.

All nations have sinned. All, in one way or another, are in rebellion against God and His Law. Is it any wonder, then, that all nations are headed for a fast-approaching crisis?