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The way to prevent mental illness

Millions needlessly suffer from various forms of emotional and mental illnesses.
There are definite causes for all the fear,
frustration and mental breakdown in the world today — and there is a CURE!
It's time we learned HOW to have healthy, happy, SOUND MINDS!


THE TRUE state of mental and emotional health in today's world is appalling!

It is now estimated by officials that 15 to 30 percent of the world's population suffers from some kind of mental or emotional disorder.

But why?

Why is there so little peace of mind around the world — and, perhaps, even in your home?

Why, in this age of scientific "enlightenment" and technological and medical "advancements," should mental illness skyrocket at such an alarming rate?


A Shocking Picture!

In the United States alone, more people are in hospitals suffering from mental illness than from cancer, heart disease, and all other diseases combined. And ONE HALF of all hospital beds in the U.S. are occupied by mental patients!

Most people who are not receiving hospital care take pills for their mental or emotional problems. ONE IN EVERY SEVEN Americans is estimated to be taking tranquilizers in an attempt to "escape" from anxiety and worry!

Take a close look at the alarming facts.

The American Blue Cross Association estimates that some 19 million Americans are mentally or emotionally unbalanced. This means that one in ten is suffering from some mental disorder! But Blue Cross also estimates that only between 10 and 20 percent of these are receiving some kind of treatment.

The mental and emotional health of New York City dwellers is especially shocking. "Every other adult in this city admits to having had an emotional or mental problem for which he [or she] wanted some help. But only one in twelve sought such aid" (By Earl Ubell, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, Nov. 19, 1965).

In Britain, one in four has some kind of psychiatric disorder, ranging from minor neurosis to major mental illness, according to a recent survey.

Mental and emotional illnesses rate number one in Australia. A survey made by the New South Wales Association for Mental Health showed that "one person in every three who consulted their family doctors needed help for some form of mental stress." The report estimated that "one family in five in New South Wales could expect to have a member as a patient in a mental hospital at some time" (DAILY TELEGRAPH, June 26, 1967).


"Professionals" Affected Too

Even psychiatrists are winding up "on the couch" needing psychiatric help. Last September a study team which examined the records of nearly two hundred doctors who were treated at two British psychiatric hospitals reported the startling fact that MOST of them were psychiatrists!

"Psychiatry as a specialty may attract more doctors themselves in need of psychiatric help," the team reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry, "for the stresses involved in the practice of psychiatry may predispose to mental illness." Their recommendation was that all prospective doctors should be screened by psychiatrists to prevent them from breaking down later in life!

Mental problems also affect the clergy. A recent survey of two thousand ministers of one well-known denomination in the U.S. reveals that nearly ONE FOURTH of the ministers and their wives have had psychiatric care or counseling, or would like such assistance!

Did you ever think to ask yourself, why? These are the men the public looks to for assistance when trouble comes.


Basic Reasons Why

Mental problems most often begin with WRONG THINKING!

This past decade has witnessed the age of avoidism — unwillingness to face facts and make decisions. This tragic state of mind exists at all levels of society — including the government! "Let's avoid controversy" is the slogan of our era!

Avoidism is the very NATURE of mental illness! The sick patient, unwilling and sometimes unable to face the problems of the real world, retreats into the unreal jungles of his own mind. Whenever the real world is blighted with avoidism, it provides the precise climate in which mental illness can flourish.

Another tragedy in our thinking is passivism. It is characteristic of those who just sit idly by. The television becomes the family altar. Hundreds of thousands of children are allowed to spend more time worshipping its mystic light than they spend sitting in school! No wonder 4.5 million American children are in need of psychiatric treatment today!

Passivism is both a symptom and a cause of mental illness. Scientists, in their quest for mere physical knowledge, have actually produced madness in a sane person by putting him in an environment where there is absolutely nothing to do — a total state of passivity! Much of what is wrong with the world today is sloth, apathy, dullness of mind and mental laziness! This is far worse than mere physical laziness.

Another vital factor destroying mental health is the blurring of standards. Clergymen and laymen alike seem no longer to have precise ideas of good and evil. Many are guilt-ridden because of conduct which they aren't sure was wrong. Or right.

The hydrogen bomb has become the symbol of our age of mental sickness. People feel themselves powerless to deal with such massive forces. They try to quit thinking about them. They go about their usual routines, but the terror still lives in their subconscious minds. This fear is a factor in the desire of so many to GET as much as they can RIGHT NOW! "Why work hard to achieve a future that will be blown apart," is the attitude of so many today.

Most people simply have never learned how to DISCIPLINE their minds, or their emotions! They haven't learned to channel their thoughts and energies into the job to be done. Instead, their thoughts turn inward — toward the SELF. And so their emotional frustration increases accordingly.

The reaction of fear, frustration and helplessness in the face of these trying situations is a MAJOR CAUSE of mental breakdown — and of the deep sense of insecurity that plagues nearly everyone.


The ROOT Cause

Of course the ROOT CAUSE of all mankind's fears, frustrations and feelings of "emptiness" is unknown to scientists, psychiatrists and doctors. Not even the clergy seem to understand!

Most people have no ultimate purpose — no GOAL in life. To the basic question, "why am I here?" they can only answer, "I DON'T KNOW."

Here lies the basic reason for all the twisted, unhappy lives and mental anguish in the world today. Hopelessness prevails. There is no understanding of what lies beyond! God is unreal. Man feels absolutely cut off from God.

Man needs to know who, what and WHY he is! To know the very PURPOSE for his existence! To know why he feels "empty" and what he needs to fill that vacuum — that SPIRITUAL VOID which exists within his mind!

Yet most people don't know the answers to these basic questions of life. Why?


God's Purpose for Mankind

God made human beings for a purpose! That great and wonderful purpose for human existence was first revealed in the Garden of Eden. God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness . . ." (Gen. 1:26).

God made man — His greatest masterpiece of physical creation — of the dust of the ground. A clay image of Himself — in the form and shape of God with the potential of developing the character and mind power of God.

But man was made incomplete. Man was made to need God — to receive the HOLY SPIRIT of God.

God, on that sixth day of recreation week, had only BEGUN His master creation. God made man a perfect physical creation. But he was not yet a perfect SPIRITUAL creation! God made man for the purpose of being fashioned by the Spirit of God into the very character "image" of God — into very spirit-born SONS IN GOD'S FAMILY!

Job realized God was forming a special creation in his life when he said, "If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my CHANGE come. Thou shalt call [at the resurrection], and I will answer thee: thou wilt have a desire to the WORK of thine hands!" (Job 14:14-15)

Notice! "Thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine hands." That "work" was Job! Job knew he was merely a piece of divine workmanship — character — in the hands of the Creator. Man was born a piece of pliable clay to be molded spiritually in the hands of the Master Potter! (Isa. 64:8)

Job is yet to become a completed PERFECT SPIRITUAL CHARACTER at the resurrection! How? Through the miraculous changing power of the HOLY SPIRIT!

But what is the Holy Spirit? Exactly why do we need it? How does it fill that great "void" in man?