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Human nature is Violent!

is there any end to it all?
NEVER have you lived in a time of such VIOLENCE!
But WHY? What CAUSES it?
Police, sociologists, psychiatrists, and the public seek answers.
They ask, "What CAUSES race riots?
What CAUSED the bloody massacre in Chicago — the unbelievable slaughter on the University of Texas campus?"
There IS a basic underlying CAUSE.
Read, in this article, WHY such violence today, and WHAT YOU OUGHT TO BE DOING about it!


NEVER BEFORE have we witnessed so many horrendous murders in so short a space of time!

In Chicago, on July 14, eight young student nurses were strangled and stabbed to death by a psychopathic killer, while a ninth girl — the lone survivor of the mass slaying — cowered in terror beneath a bed.

The murder was labeled the "crime of the century" — worse than the infamous St. Valentine's Day massacre of 1929 when seven Chicago gangsters were machine-gunned against a wall.

But before the shock of this brutal crime had dulled, a dazed public heard of a "mad Texas sniper" who had shot down FORTY-SIX PERSONS!

Charles J. Whitman, honor student, had killed his wife and mother in the night, dragged a small arsenal to the top of the famed University Tower, and, to the unbelief and horror of Austin citizens, began shooting at everyone in sight.

The grisly trail of blood Whitman had left included several brutal murders within the office building as he made his way to the top.

Fifteen of the victims were killed, or died later. Thirty-one others were wounded.

And this monstrous crime was billed to that date as "the greatest crime in the history of the United States!"

But what lurking thoughts of bestiality and violence it unleashed.

As if in bloody backlash, reports of mass-murder-suicides began flooding the newspapers. A housewife drowned her children, jumped in after them. Another mother slew her children. An estranged husband killed his children, his wife and himself.

Horrifying RIOTS were in progress in half a dozen cities in the United States.

And so crime follows crime — and a public stands aghast.

It's as if millions play a kind of "hide and go seek" — a game of "let's pretend."

The world, millions seem to believe, is made up of mostly "nice" people. Good people — people who would not resort to crime, as such. Oh, they'd probably tell a lie once in a while, or cheat at cards, or perhaps shave their income tax report or pad their expense accounts, but they wouldn't resort to VIOLENCE, would they?

And then — there are the "weirdoes" in society. The "bad guys."

A horrified public stands aghast at grisly atrocities — demands answers. Politicians immediately talk of stricter gun control as a means of "preventing" such gruesome crimes (as if to forget the girls in Chicago were knifed and strangled — and no one has seriously proposed legislation against kitchen knives and bed sheets), demand police investigations, sift through psychiatrists' reports.

True, Whitman had a brain tumor. But there is no proof that the tumor caused the violence. Naturally, any pressure on the brain of an otherwise "disturbed" or mentally unbalanced person would be a contributory factor. But such pressure would only cause headaches in a normal, mentally balanced individual.

Apparently, Speck, the accused killer of the Chicago nurses, has no tumor — at least none has been discovered to date.

And so it goes.

All society seems bent on adopting the pose of innocence — demanding of police and political agencies an explanation for the brutal murders.

"WHY did it have to happen?" "WHAT CAUSED IT?" people want to know.

Good questions, all.

But who has the answers? Read on — and you'll see the true roots of crime and violence, the TRUE CAUSE of all violence!


VIOLENCE Runs Rampant

Everywhere, VIOLENCE runs amuck. Bloody race riots continue to break out in large cities across the nation. "BLACK POWER!" is chanted by Negro mobs — and massive demonstrations by angered whites retaliate shouting, "White power!"

And nowhere, it seems, is there any more violence than right in the midst of the greatest "CHRISTIAN" nation on earth!

Why? What's wrong? Why so much HATE in the world?

The world today is PREOCCUPIED with hate, rebellion, and VIOLENCE.

Television is FILLED with lawlessness, crime, and murder. "Westerns" glamorize outlaws, and "shoot-'em-ups" are among the most popular TV programs for all ages.

Frustrations mount, tempers flare, tensions increase, and LAWLESSNESS and VIOLENCE spread like a sick, sick contagion!

The greatest mass-murders in all history were perpetrated during World War II. But again — WHY? How could one man, Adolf Hitler, arouse such hate and passion in the minds of his followers that they could calmly murder HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS — MILLIONS?

The world still wonders. People STILL ask why. But Hitler knew some demoniacal quirks of human nature. He knew of the seething violence just underneath many a human mind.

Hitler understood. He knew HATE will get one a bigger following than Love. VIOLENCE will attract more attention than peace. INTRIGUE makes a more exciting news headline than harmony; SUSPICION will attract more interest than confidence.

And, in a sense, entertainers, actors, producers, script-writers, and sponsors also recognize these pulls of human nature. And they use those pulls to their own financial advantage.

Hate, violence, illicit sex and perversion make "good" newspaper copy, "good" television script, "good" movie plots. Good? Well, no — not actually; but these evil attributes, actions or implied actions draw more public attention.

And it's because all of it is so much like HUMAN NATURE. It’s time you understood the TRUTH about human nature, what it is, how it works — and WHY the eruption of violence around the world is due to unguided; misdirected, HUMAN NATURE let loose on a rampage!

Your Bible prophesied worldwide hatred and BIGOTRY would grip the minds of men during this time! More than ever before, people seem prone, today, to bestial acts of VIOLENCE!

And why? Because suspicion, hatred, bigotry, and violence are the steady diet of much of the world.

The apostle Paul was inspired to look beyond his time, down into ours. He portrayed the hostile, venomous attitudes of our peoples when he said, "This know also, that in the last days PERILOUS times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves [SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED as never before!], covetous, [LUSTING, COVETING, ENVIOUS of the things of others], BOASTERS, proud, blasphemers [and a CURSE is always ready on the lips of almost everyone, today — even popular entertainment figures, and government leaders!], disobedient to parents . . . FIERCE, despisers of those that are good" (II Tim. 3:1-3).

What a picture!

You read of worldwide violence constantly! You hear of depraved acts — humans tormenting, butchering, bludgeoning, stabbing, murdering one another — public figures accusing one another — husbands and wives HATING each other!

Don't delude yourself into believing it's no worse than before — IT Is!


Latest Blood-curdling Statistics

FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover recently announced that CRIME in the United States jumped 46 percent over the past five years. The 1965 total for serious crimes was 2,750,000 — an average of five serious crimes every minute!

The FBI's uniform crime report for 1965 showed a 6 percent increase over 1964 and the value of goods stolen during '65 topped a billion dollars!

Scoffers and diehards might claim that the increase in crime is merely due to "better crime reporting." Such `a claim is preposterous, however, when we realize that the 46 percent rise in crime compares to a mere 8 percent rise in population figures for the same time. According to the FBI Chief, crime is fast accelerating, and outstripping the nation's population growth by almost six to one!

Police officials across the country are gravely concerned. "This country is in real trouble," declared a New York City police official. Individuals and whole communities are beginning to REBEL against ALL constituted AUTHORITY!

Race riots, hurled "Molotov cocktails" and incendiary bombs are mere signs of the growing trend toward increasing VIOLENCE!

To an honest, enquiring, unbiased mind there can be no doubt about it — the situation is MUCH WORSE than before!

Speaking of these hate-filled days, Jesus Christ said, "All these [the wars, famines, disease epidemics even now stalking this sin-sick world] are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver YOU [you who are REAL CHRISTIANS!] up to be afflicted, and shall KILL you: and you shall be HATED of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall MANY BE OFFENDED [BECOME ANGRY], and shall BETRAY one another, and shall HATE one another" (Matt. 24:8-10).

Those frightening prophecies are literally coming true — they are beginning to be fulfilled NOW — IN YOUR LIFETIME!


Ezekiel Foretold It!

Foretelling these days of destruction and worldwide intrigue and trouble, the prophet Ezekiel declared, "Make a chain: for the land is FULL OF BLOODY CRIMES, and the city is full of VIOLENCE" (Ezek. 7:23).

When God told Ezekiel to "make a chain," He implied that the land would be SO REPLETE, satiated with CRIME and VIOLENCE, that one crime would be following another, like the links on a chain!

And so it is!

And again, speaking of our nations today, Ezekiel records, "Then said he unto me, The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is EXCEEDING GREAT, and the land is FULL OF BLOOD, and the city full of perverseness: for they say, The LORD hath forsaken the earth, and the LORD seeth not" (Ezek. 9:9). So it is! In the midst of the present "God is Dead" movement among theologians, millions doubt the existence of God, there is NO fear of God prevalent in the land, and bloody VIOLENCE rears its ugly head in city after city!