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What's wrong with our governments?

The man-made governments of the world are toppling at the rate of one a month.

Here we give you a comparison between the different forms of government in the world and the government of the world tomorrow, which will bring us, at last, world peace, universal prosperity, and abundant well-being.


In my personal present phase of the Work, I encounter things hard to believe. Few if any in political or private life meet and get to know as many heads of state as I do — kings, presidents, emperors, prime ministers, sheiks. Yet, as I have said in my "Personal" appearing in this issue (page 1), I am astonished at the very short duration of time most of them remain in office.

Governments of nations are being overturned now at the rate of more than one a month. Half a century ago, a government overthrow was rare. We live in a different time. Sometimes the head of state or chief executive is changed, rather than a complete overturn to a new government.

In this world's national governments, the average tenure in office — if the chief of state stays alive — is limited to four, six, or in case of reelection, eight years. Could business corporations succeed and grow with total management change so frequent?

I reflect on those I have known — some intimately — NOW GONE!

There were Prime Ministers Sato and Tanaka of Japan, more fully mentioned in the "Personal." There was Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. There was President Allende of Chile, machine-gunned down three weeks after I was there in the very room where we held the meeting. At that time I was spending a day with President Suleiman Franjieh of Lebanon, at his summer home high in the mountains. In the bloody civil war in Lebanon, he was forced to officially "resign." Then there was President Rahman of Bangladesh, assassinated in the overthrow of his government. There was the king of Afghanistan, whom I was officially invited to visit, but his government was overthrown, and he fled into exile in Europe before I could accept his invitation. Then there is President V. V. Giri of India, affectionate friend, whose term in office now has expired. And, most recently, just a few weeks ago, Prime Minister Thanin Kraivichien of Thailand, with whom I had a private meeting in his office, and whom I sat next to at a banquet speaker's table that evening — only a few days before the violent overthrow of his government in Bangkok.

Why are GOVERNMENTS in this world in constant and growing turmoil, whole national governments being overthrown more often than one a month?


First let me give you the BASIC cause, and then a short description of the various leading types of government.

Very, very few indeed know that once the GOVERNMENT OF GOD ruled this whole world. Then there was, believe it or not, world PEACE. But God's government, too, was overthrown. It was government administered by a super archangel named Lucifer, over billions of angels who originally inhabited this earth. That's Prehistory. The Facts are in the Bible, but the Bible is GOD'S WORD in writing, and people never have believed what GOD SAID.

That overthrow of the GOVERNMENT OF GOD brought havoc, destruction, decay, waste and emptiness to the face of the earth (Genesis 1:2, literal translation).

In six days God renewed the face of the earth (Psalm 104:30) for the habitation of MAN. God created MAN, male and female, in His own image and likeness, except that God is composed of SPIRIT, and He made man of "the dust of the ground" — MATTER. Man was informed by God directly of His WAY of life, the WAY of LOVE, under the GOVERNMENT OF GOD, and freely offered eternal life if he would choose that way.

But Satan is still on his earthly throne UNTIL a successor qualifies to restore that GOVERNMENT OF GOD and is inducted into office. Lucifer, his name (meaning "morning bright star") changed to Satan (meaning "adversary," "competitor," "enemy"), got to Adam's wife, Eve, in the guise of a serpent and caused the pair to CHOOSE taking to themselves THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, rejecting THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD, based on the divine LAW Of LOVE.

Satan had turned to the WAY of LIFE of "GET" instead of "LOVE" or "GIVE." That is the way of vanity, lust and greed, envy and jealousy, competition and strife, leading to violence and war, and resentment and rebellion against God's law which is the WAY OF LIFE of the GOVERNMENT OF GOD. MAN rejected the GOVERNMENT OF GOD — and with it God's WAY OF LIFE, based on outgoing concern for the welfare of others. Man rejected God as his RULER. Mari CUT HIMSELF OFF FROM GOD by SIN (transgression of God's law).

God thereupon set in motion a 7,000 year master plan to accomplish His PURPOSE in man on earth. For 6,000 years God vowed to adopt a "hands-off" policy toward MAN. With the rare exception of the occasions NECESSARY for God's PURPOSE and for MAN'S GOOD, God has kept "hands off" — leaving man, as he decided he wanted, CUT OFF from God, going HIS OWN WAY, taking to himself the knowledge of what is the GOOD way and what is the EVIL — or what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

In effect, God said to man, "Go your own ways. Organize your own society. Create your own GOVERNMENTS. Formulate your Own RELIGIONS. Organize your own industrial, commercial, economic and business systems."

God has determined to TEACH MAN — by His OWN 6,000 year experience — that Satan's WAY, rebelling against the GOVERNMENT OF GOD, has brought only evils — suffering, anguish, unhappiness, frustration, violence, war, starvation and DEATH!

Witness the results TODAY!

What ARE some of these human-devised forms of government, all under the sway of Satan? Here is a brief analysis of MAN'S IDEAS OF GOVERNMENT — CUI Off Completely from GOD — but swayed by Satan.

GOVERNMENTS in the world today can generally be classified broadly as either DEMOCRATIC or TOTALITARIAN. These terms are basically political designations.

SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, CAPITALISM are primarily economic terms.

Both capitalism and socialism may operate in a democracy.


DEMOCRACY: From the Greek demos, "people," and kratos, "power," meaning government by the people.

Democracy may be either direct or indirect. In a direct democracy, each individual votes personally on every issue, as in ancient Greece. (An example: the old New England town meeting) In an indirect democracy (called a REPUBLIC), the people elect representatives to vote for them. Those representatives make up the national congress, parliament, diet, or whatever called. Indirect democracy is better suited to modern nations with large populations where direct democracy would be impractical. Indirect democracy was developed in England in the 17th century, and became the method of government in North America and France, as a result of revolution, in the 18th century. By 1850 the majority of civilized nations had adopted democratic institutions.


TOTALITARIANISM: A single party, dictatorial system of government. The totalitarian state extends its influence over the whole of life, private as well as public, and exacts full submission of the individual to its demands. There is some sort of system of police control, total party control of mass communications, widespread doctrinaire education, and so on.

The term has been used to describe the NAZI (National Socialist) and FASCIST governments of Hitler and Mussolini in Germany and Italy. It also is applied today to the governments of the Soviet Union, China, and other communist states. Totalitarianism did not exist before the 20th century (in the MODERN world).