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The sick American

What is the TRUE state of American health?
Is medical science about to make disease a thing of the past . . . or is research proving that the worst is yet to come?
Read this factual article with the startling answers to these questions.


DESPITE $25 billion a year spent on medicine, "the United States is one of the unhealthiest countries in the world!" warns Dr. Paul Dudley White, heart specialist to former President Eisenhower.


Is Sickness Normal?

Sickness and disease have become accepted as a normal part of life. The public is immune to news of mass epidemics and death statistics in the multiple millions arising from scores of chronic and major diseases.

The impetus of advertising from an energetic and profit-greedy drug industry has the average American feeling that there is nothing to fear. One doctor recently summed up the feeling of security most people have when he calmly assured a desperately ill woman, "Don't you worry! We have a medicine for every illness — and we'll cure you too!" Two days later she was released into her husband's custody with the oft-repeated, terse remark, "Everything has been done for [to] her that medical science can offer!"

A great deal had been "done" to her! She walked into the hospital with an arthritic ailment, but she was carried Out — TOTALLY PARALYZED FROM HEAD TO FOOT — able only to move her tongue in slow, painful speech!


Not Unusual!

Still her "FAITH" in medicine was not shaken. In spite of the fact that she had been seized in a convulsive reaction from the cortisone with which they treated her, and completely paralyzed from the "gold" shots she was given, she continued to look to the "god of medicine" with his "wonder drugs" to save her! With the first movement she was able to make as her body slowly overcame the shock of her past therapy, she took more cortisone — and promptly returned to her paralyzed condition!

This is not an isolated case. The 300,000 persons in the United States alone who are added yearly to the staggering THIRTY MILLION arthritic sufferers could all relate their painful tale.

Add to these sufferers the TEN MILLION Americans now afflicted with heart disease (800,000 DIE ANNUALLY!) — add the FORTY-FIVE MILLION (one out of every four) who will suffer from CANCER before they die (265,000 died of this feared disease in 1960 alone!) — add the ONE OUT OF EVERY TEN Americans who walks in a mental fog and suffers everything from temporary blackouts to homicidal fits — ADD, EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, one more teenager to the tragic list of venereal disease victims — ADD, the innumerable hosts of those who are dying slowly but surely from leukemia; those who are stricken with multiple sclerosis; those who shake with palsy; those who live from one needle to the next, fearing death from diabetes; those who still fall in the throes of paralytic polio (still on the increase since Salk vaccine despite the clever use of statistics) — ADD the thousands struck in increasing numbers by "mystery diseases" that "science" can hardly find names for fast enough to label — ADD those who host unwelcome parasites; those who cannot see, or hear; those one out of every ten helpless and innocent, sweet babies who are born with a congenital defect — ADD even the estimated ONE OF EVERY FIVE pregnancies that ends in illegal abortion — ADD ALL THESE AND MORE THAT SPACE PROHIBITS FROM ENUMERATING and a titanic TRUTH stands out as the product: AMERICA IS SICK!

Man is finding out more and more every day about how his body functions, how it reacts to the various diseases, drugs, treatments. We are always on the verge of a new "breakthrough" in medical science. But will "disease" be a thing of the past?


What Is the Truth?

THE TRUTH IS that scientifically and minutely defining an ailment or disease, cataloging statistics about it and giving it a fitting Latin or Greek name DOES NOT CURE THE DISEASE! And, contrary to popular opinion — it doesn't even LEAD TO A CURE.

THE TRUTH Is that this method of attacking the problem only SHUTS THE MIND to any other possibility for a CURE, and plunges pell-mell in diametric opposition to the laws Almighty God set to regulate our bodies and keep us healthy.

THE TRUTH IS that modern science is dashing about in an increasingly complicated maze of medical statistics — duly cataloged and analyzed by electronic "brains" — concerned with the RESULT, i.e., the disease, rather than with the CAUSE — broken physical law. Few seem to realize that living contrary to the laws that govern human health results in the disease.

THE TRUTH IS that modern medical practices are PRODUCING more diseased conditions and CREATING more NEW ILLNESSES than they are curing!


Manufactured Diseases

The much-publicized "miracle drugs" invented in the last twenty-five years have turned into medical monsters. The vaunted "sulpha" drug family along with its "miracles" soon produced so many ill side-effects it had to be abandoned. Penicillin then came to the fore as a "miracle" drug — chances are that you have suffered ill effects from this drug — but before its evil side began to be noticed other drugs were already robbing the "miracle" limelight. Streptomycin, terramycin, cortisone, antihistamines, hormones and tranquilizers all paraded by an enthusiastic public were seized upon in their turn as saviors from sickness.

"Newness" became the by-word of modern medicine. If it isn't new, it isn't good! Open admission to the sobering fact that what is "good" today will be "no good" tomorrow. Today's "wonder-drug" produces tomorrow's "medical nightmare!"

In a frantic effort to keep one jump ahead of the bad publicity about the ill-effects of new medicines, the drug industry is currently coming up with FIVE HUNDRED even "newer" potions every year! This flooding storm of new drugs and their accompanying blizzard of "facts" about how they react drives your doctor and you from one "new cure" to the next in a never-ending quest for relief and health.

Dr. Norvin C. Kiefer, chief medical director of the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States wrote, "there are lots of new diagnostic techniques and medical and surgical treatments — but these don't prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. While man knows considerable about the physical sciences, he still knows little of the most elemental principles of living tissue — and even LESS OF ITS DERANGEMENTS!" (Los Angeles Times, July 30, 1961Emphasis ours throughout this article).

"The drug with no ill effects has yet to be made . . . the doctor who prescribes them knows he must balance risks against advantages!" (El Paso Herald Post, December 4, 1958).

"Dr. Jesse D. Rising of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City said that, "DRUG-CAUSED DISEASES dramatize the fact that, whereas, physicians are supposed to cure illness, they can actually CAUSE DISEASES!" (Wichita Eagle, December 26, 1959) Some of the diseases mentioned were nervous system diseases, liver diseases, epileptic seizures, blood diseases.

The more man finds out with his electronic analyzers, the more he sees how little he knows. And the unknown factors steadily mount in preponderance OVER the known factors.

Voltaire summed up this situation two hundred years ago when he said, "We put medicine, about which we know little, into bodies about which we know less, to cure diseases about which we know nothing at all!"

The SUPER-GERM Coming?

Antibiotics are the current fad, the most recent innovation to come from the Pandora's Box of medical miracles. It is grimly humorous to note that the very meaning of the word antibiotics is: AGAINST (anti) LIFE (biotic)! Among the current strains of antibiotics being used are developing a whole family of deadly SUPERGERMS against which there has not yet been found a defense! Only within the last few months has the outline of the proportions of this new threat to national health been discovered.

Here is the current problem — a repeat of the old "miracle drug" problem. "It seems to take about three months, on the average, after a new antibiotic is introduced for resistant strains of staph (STAPHYLOCOCCUS) to appear, leering up at the bacteriologists from the culture plates!" (McCall's July, 1961).

This hospital-born infection has spread throughout the entire country and is rearing its ugly head and bringing tragedy to many homes. This germ is no respecter of persons — it attacks any or all with equal vigor. John F. Kennedy was infected and nearly killed by this germ in 1954. Walter Winchell was one of its victims last winter when he was kept from his work for five months. Elizabeth Taylor was brought to death's doors by this germ just recently. Jeff Chandler, virile, masculine movie star in his prime was killed by this germ.

Perhaps you can add to this list from your own acquaintances — a post-operative infection that claimed your uncle's life by causing pneumonia; a lingering bone infection that your mother has suffered from for years that the doctors can't seem to do anything for; a brand-new baby someone in the family brought home from the hospital with an ugly abscess in its tiny breast; a boil on your father's neck; a skin rash that defies treatment that has plagued your sister on and off for years. ONE FAMILY EXPERIENCED RECURRING INFECTIONS for SEVEN YEARS!