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"Peace . . . Or end of Civilization"

Suddenly the U.N. is faced with a new,
mighty crisis — how to keep the flames of war in Asia from spreading.
Even Pope Paul VI has felt compelled to call upon world leaders to find a way to peace.


POPE PAUL VI has spoken out to world leaders. Stop the "fresh flames of discord" while there is STILL TIME!

"A war," he has warned, "would be an irreversible and fatal occurrence. It would not be the end of difficulties, but THE END OF CIVILIZATION."

So desperate is the present world situation, the Pontiff decided to make an unprecedented trip to plead for world peace before the United Nations. All the world has taken notice.


"It is Time to Choose!"

World leaders are frankly frightened!

To underscore the Roman Pontiff's recent statement, are these words of President Lyndon B. Johnson:

"We may well be living in the time foretold many years ago when it was said: 'I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: Therefore choose life, that both you and thy seed may live.' "

"This generation," said Mr. Johnson in April, "must choose: Destroy or build, kill or aid, hate or understand."


"THIS Generation . . ."

These sobering words are the frank statements of the foremost figure of modern religion, and of the elected leader of the foremost nation in the free world.

Both the Pope and the President are frightened by the horrible prospect that faces mankind!

No previous generation has ever before faced the decisions placed before the leaders of THIS GENERATION!

Total destruction of the world's entire population has not been possible at any time in world history until this generation — the time in which you are living today!

The Encyclopedia Britannica admits, ". . . in August 1955 . . . there was a general conviction among the governments that both sides in the cold war had sufficient retaliatory power to make hydrogen bomb war SUICIDAL!"

A new word has been added to the grisly vocabulary of war — Cosmocide! Suicide is self-murder. Genocide is murder of a whole race of peoples.


Since 1955, the United States and the USSR have been joined in the nuclear race by Britain, France and recently, Red China! Each nation has begun to pile bomb upon bomb — waiting, prepared for the next World War!

Late President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, warned a hushed United Nations assembly in 1961, "Mankind must put an end to war — or war will put an end to mankind!"

"Today," he said, "every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when this planet may no longer be habitable. . . . The mere existence of modern weapons — 10 MILLION TIMES more powerful than any that the world has ever seen, and only minutes away from any target on earth — is a source of horror and distrust . . ."

Such is the terrifying state of world affairs!

This is the world YOU LIVE IN!

It is a world engaged in a deadly game of "Russian roulette" with awesome nuclear weapons. A world where a nuclear pistol is leveled at the head of every living man, woman and child on the face of the earth!

"Together," said Mr. Kennedy grimly, "we shall save our planet — or together we shall perish in its flames!"


Not Predictions of Alarmists!

What President Kennedy told the United Nations in 1961 is more true today than ever before. His prophecy of possible world annihilation was not the ranting of a fanatic, but is the day-to-day reality of the world in which you live. It is the news you see on your television set, that you read in your daily newspapers, that you hear over your radio.

Dr. W.H. Pickering, Director of Jet Propulsion Laboratory for California Institute of Technology and head of the lunar probe rocket program, put it this way: "HALF AN HOUR TO ANNIHILATION . . .! In half an hour the East and the West could destroy civilization."

In the words of Professor Charles A. Seipmann of New York University, "All of us are under the symptoms of death . . . We do not have an assured life expectancy beyond 1000 BREATHS — which is the time it takes for one of the guided missiles to get from point A to point B at any place on the face of the earth . . .!"

The idea that man could end the world tomorrow is not the empty cry of a street corner prophet clad in a stained toga and sandals — not the partisan words scrawled on the placards of pacifists. It is the sober warning of world leaders who are aware of man's new power and realize it is OUT OF CONTROL!

Which of these world-famous men would you label a fanatic, an extremist? NONE! Yet ALL speak of the END OF THIS WORLD — the end of human civilization!



The files of our News Bureau here at Ambassador College literally bulge with the testimony of great men — leaders in their field — who warn of the ominous disaster which faces mankind.

You need to realize you are living in the final hours of human life on this earth — UNLESS Jesus Christ intervenes!

These are the simple facts — they would be absolutely true whether or not you read them in The PLAIN TRUTH magazine, whether or not you heard them over The WORLD TOMORROW Broadcast.

These statements have not been invented by Ambassador College as a tool to grind a "religious axe."

You need to ask yourself — "How long can man continue this arms race, manufacturing new weapons, threatening nuclear war before some madman presses the red button which will mean the beginning of the end?"

Dr. M.S. Livingston of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the President of the Federation of American Scientists said, "It appears unlikely that the world will avoid a nuclear holocaust if another 15 years pass without arms control agreements."

French President Charles de Gaulle told the U.S. Congress in 1960 . . . the great powers are facing their "last moment" for making a start on nuclear disarmament. Failure to disarm, he said, would doom mankind!

Dean Acheson, former Secretary of State, said "I assure you that I know nothing which is classified, but I know enough of what is going on to assure you that, in 15 years from today, this world is going to be too dangerous to live in."

All of these men predict the possibility of the END OF THIS WORLD within the space of THIS GENERATION!

Can you believe them?

Sir Philip Noel-Baker, British authority on world disarmament told assembled U.S. Congressmen, "I believe that within 10 years we will all be dead and the earth will be an incinerated relic."

"I believe so too . . ." said Charles O. Porter, Congressman from Oregon.

Do you BELIEVE it?


Can The U.N. Save Us?

What can save this world from extinction?

Will the U.N. eventually bring about arms control, perhaps even disarmament?

Former Canadian Foreign Minister Lester B. Pearson, said, "The United Nations as it is at present is of no value for security purposes . . . In the long run, arms alone have never guaranteed peace in the past, and arms alone will never guarantee peace in the future." How much time did Mr. Pearson give to work out something better? ". . . we had better do it IN THE NEXT FIVE OR TEN YEARS!"

Will man's governments abolish wars?

General Thomas White, U.S.A.F. (ret) admitted "Little in the past suggests that wars can be abolished. It has been said that in the 3,640 years of recorded history only 292 years have been free from the clash of arms."

Commenting on the ability of men to find alternatives to nuclear war, General White continued . . . "many knowledgeable and intelligent people believe there are none!"

Viewing the events of the past, historian Samuel Eliot Morison gave this empty advice, "We have to get used to living in crisis after crisis, hoping for the best but expecting the worst!"