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Proof of the flood (Part 1)

Was "Noah's Flood" local, or world-wide?
Where did enough water for a world-wide Flood come from?
Where did it go after the Flood?
Were all animals killed by the Flood except those Noah took with him into the Ark?


WAS there really a Flood? Granted, the Bible claims there was a Flood — but does the Bible mean what it says?

If there was a Flood, what was it like? HOW MUCH of the earth did it destroy? What evidence did it leave?


Why Science Attempts to Discredit the Flood

Few people realize that geologists have uncovered amazing proofs that a universal Flood once destroyed the earth. But these same geologists refuse to accept the plain, obvious evidence they have discovered. They have rejected the proof of the Flood.


The Bible makes the answer plain.

Geologists and evolutionists do not like to "retain God in their knowledge" (Rom. 1:28). So they have invented fantastic theories about "long geologic ages" in a vain attempt to explain a creation without a Creator.

Evolutionary geologists will fully ignore the true meaning of the scientific facts they have uncovered. "For this they WILLINGLY are ignorant of, that by the word of God . . . the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished" (II Pet. 3:3-6).

But scientists are not the only scoffers.


Even Theologians Scoff

Many theologians don't have the nerve to teach the Bible just as it is. They are afraid of the opinions of men!

God-defying atheists ridicule the Bible by saying "many millions still live in mental bondage controlled by IGNORANT RANTERS who accept the Bible as the last word of science" (Geotimes, Vol. II, No. 2, Aug. 1957, p. 12). So the timid theologians compromise the truth of the Bible with the theories of evolutionary geology.

Theologians attempt to straddle the fence by teaching about the Bible and about the atheistic doctrines of evolutionary science at the same time. In order to please those who believe in supposed long geologic ages, they teach their flocks the Flood was only a local flood. They have deceived millions.

But you don't have to be deceived. Why, if the Flood was a local flood, did Noah spend upwards of 120 years building the Ark? Why not flee that local valley to a high mountain?

Do you think the Creator would be so deceitful as to have Noah and his family and their hired help spend 120 years building a huge ark, when all Noah would have had to do was to escape to the next higher valley, or to the nearest high mountain?

Scores of theologians reject the plain statements of Scripture. They subtly ask, "How was it possible for a pair of all the animals found now on earth to be placed in Noah's Ark? How could the Ark have been big enough?"

They ignore the fact that God said to build the Ark large enough to hold at least one pair of each kind of animal. THAT IS EXACTLY what Noah did. They ignore the fact that God commanded Noah to take at least one pair of all animals "after their kind" (Gen. 6: 19-20). THAT IS JUST EXACTLY what he did (Gen. 6:22; 7:5). From those original Genesis "kinds" have sprung all our many and colorful varieties today.

Foolish theologians even ask, "Suppose the Ark were large enough, how did Noah find all these animals? How did he manage?"

GRASP this ALL-IMPORTANT truth. God ALWAYS makes it possible tor His servants to do as He commands them. Your Bible indicates that a pair of each animal and seven pairs of the creatures that were fit for man to eat, gathered around the Ark (Gen. 7:8-9). God gave these creatures an impulse — a fear — that drove them to the Ark, and when Noah opened the door of the Ark they merely walked in.

God said, "Take these animals into the Ark." That is EXACTLY what Noah did (Gen. 7:5).

Noah HAD 120 YEARS to do as God told him (Gen. 5:32; 6:3; 7:6). Noah didn't do something else, he did EXACTLY as God told him. That is why God remembered Noah (Gen. 8:1) and brought him safely through the Flood, but let the disobedient of Noah's day, theologians and all, drown.


KINDS Multiply Into Many Varieties

Still others have asked, "Did a few animals found in the Ark multiply into all the forms of life we find today?"

We need to understand that from two dogs could be bred all the many, many breeds of dogs we have today. That is not evolution. Dogs never evolve into something else. They are still dogs — little dogs, big dogs, short dogs, long dogs — but still dogs!

All the many different breeds of horses sprang from the original pair of horses.

Noah only needed to take a pair of each kind, not all the many varieties of each kind we find today.

Theologians find the Bible account of the, Flood very embarrassing. It is hard for them to explain away the plain statements of Scripture. God's Word very plainly states, "And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth, and ALL THE HIGH HILLS, that were under the whole heaven, were covered. . . And ALL flesh died that moved upon the EARTH" (Gen. 7:19-21, emphasis ours).

Where do you stand? Do you have the courage to honestly and earnestly search for the truth? Or do you, too, seek the praise of men rather than the praise of God?


YOU Can Know

There is a surprising way for you to be able to "see through" the maze of inaccurate and confusing theories of evolutionary science and discover for yourself irrefutable proof that the Flood occurred!

You can know that the Bible stands proved! You can know that the Flood occurred just as God says it did. You can see how evolutionary geologists have clearly twisted the facts of the Flood to substantiate their false theory of evolution. The truth is truly amazing! Open your Bible and read it.

Your Bible reveals amazing scientific facts about the Flood.

On the day the Flood started, the earth's crust erupted — ripped open by gigantic streams of water shooting out of the ground (Gen. 7:11). Cloudbursts created flash floods everywhere. The Creator, by using the power inherent within Himself, caused the ocean bottoms to rise and the continents to sink.

Can you even begin to picture the fantastic destruction this world-wide Flood brought upon the earth? As the waters rose higher and higher, huge waves roared endlessly inland from swollen seas. Inland landscapes were quickly obliterated.

Realize — this Flood actually happened! Hour after hour, day after day, winds of hurricane force roared. Mountain-high waves swept over the highest hills until by the end of forty days the Flood waters COVERED the entire earth (Gen. 7:20).

The roaring Flood surged forward over the continents, creating havoc everywhere, destroying everything in its path.

Even after the great storm was over, for 150 days tremendous tides continued to sweep over entire continents (Gen. 7:24). There was no dry land anywhere.

Birds flying above the water in a desperate attempt to survive finally became exhausted and were drowned in the huge waves. All land creatures were destroyed (Gen. 7:22).

Not many have been able to realize the devastating destruction a WORLDWIDE Flood would bring upon the earth. Even after the waters began rapidly draining back into the earth and the oceans, and evaporating into the atmosphere, violent action was far from over.

For months after the water level of the earth began to drop, huge tidal waves — having at first little resistance from submerged land masses — continued to rage back and forth across the land. Time and again these wind-swept waters, drawn by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon, swept over reappearing land masses, covering the continents with a layer of mud and sand, burying the remains of animal and plant life (Gen. 8:13).

Gigantic whirlpools gathered large numbers of plants and animals together and buried them under tons of mud and silt.

Terrific forces — beyond anything now known — twisted, folded and bent rock formations. World-wide earthquakes and volcanic outbursts shook the earth and heaved great land masses up and down. The face of the earth was changed beyond recognition.

Proof of such a gigantic catastrophe cannot be hidden. The first proof the Flood occurred, the Bible account, can be proved. The sedimentary rocks of the earth — rocks made when the silt settled out of the Flood water — were laid down in RAPID succession in a very short time, not over eons of time, as evolutionary geologists claim.


Why Geologists Refuse to Teach the Truth

God has preserved in sedimentary rocks startling proof the Flood occurred. Evolutionary geologists foolishly refuse to accept the truth.

They realize that if they admitted flood waters deposited the earth's sedimentary layers SUDDENLY, then their theory that life evolved over long geologic ages couldn't possibly be true!

Because their theory of evolution demands long eons of time, geologists speculate that it took the "forces of nature" hundreds of millions — if not billions — of years to lay down these immense sedimentary beds we find on earth today.

Why do these evolutionary geologists refuse to accept the PROOFS that the sedimentary rock layers actually reveal?

Few people realize that the foolish, absurd BASIS upon which ALL geologic theory is built is the theory taught by James Hutton (1785) that "the present is the key to the past." Hutton taught that "given sufficient time, processes now at work could account for all the geologic features of the Globe" (Carl Dunbar, Historical Geology, p. 18).

This doctrine that "the present is the key to the past" — the foundation, the basis, of evolutionary geology is often called "uniformitarianism."

Simply stated, this doctrine teaches the theory that the processes of erosion and the processes of laying down sedimentary layers have always been going on at essentially the same rate as they are today. In other words, this doctrine of uniformitarianism which is the foundation of evolutionary geology teaches that a sudden destructive world-wide Flood never occurred because one is not occurring now! This is simply another way of trying to account for a creation without a Creator. It is a ridiculous course of action taken by desperate men who have seen the PROOF of God's existence, and have rejected that proof (Rom. 1:18-22).

The evolutionary geologists Gilluly, Waters, and Woodford teach their students that "the great thickness of the sediments . . . is the inevitable result of long continued operation of slow processes we observe today" (Principles of Geology, p. 21). But nothing could be further from the truth! These authors ought to know better.

Geologists claim to conform to the principle that "the present is the key to the past." They carelessly assume that because a world-wide Flood is not taking place right now, one never did take place!

It is not sound logic to GUESS that a world-wide Flood never took place just because one is not taking place right now. You can look at the earth's sedimentary layers and see mountains of clear-cut geological proof that one or more Floods did occur!