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NOW — A revolution under the earth!

An astonishing page in the record of earth's history is about to be written.
Scientists now recognize gigantic earth forces are signaling the start of new,
worldwide upheavals — some in areas where least expected.


Social and political revolutions are now sweeping the earth. A worldwide revolution in the climate is affecting the world's food supply.

But the most catastrophic revolution is not on earth! It's beginning to take place UNDER the earth's surface!

Yet most have never read or heard about it!


Surprising Antarctica

Ice-covered Antarctica is an ideal location for scientific study about earthquakes. It is one of the most seismically quiet areas on the earth.

For this reason scientists have gone to Antarctica to detect and measure — without local interference — the shock waves from earthquakes occurring elsewhere.

One such scientific outpost is manned by scientists from Argentina, Chile and Britain on Deception Island which is located about 600 miles south of the southern tip of South America.

December 1967 will long be remembered by these scientists! It was then that scientists noted a strange sight. The penguins and skua gulls that breed on the rim of Antarctica were abruptly leaving their rookeries. These birds are often described by scientists as being the "most stupid" of the bird family.

Four hours later the scientists found out WHY the birds had fled. It was then that the scientists felt the FIRST EARTH TREMOR. A supposedly "extinct" volcano on the island SUDDENLY and VIOLENTLY ERUPTED! The scientists fled for their lives!

Had this been all, then perhaps the event would not be significant. But there is much more to it!

Scientists had believed that volcanoes in Antarctica were dead — not merely dormant. Until early last year all reference works could only point out one active volcano in all of this southernmost continent. But, in January of 1967 New Zealand geologists revealed the amazing discovery of a second active volcano on the rim of Antarctica. Then, in the following December, the volcano on the appropriately named "Deception Island" exploded. So suddenly, in fact, that trained scientists, lacking the discernment of penguins, were completely caught off guard. This third volcano — the second within a single year — had suddenly mushroomed and sent a jolt through the world's scientific community!

Something BIG, it is now admitted, is beginning to happen under the earth!

Scientists are concerned. They know that volcanic activity in the otherwise seismically quiet continent of Antarctica heralds TREMENDOUS significance for the rest of the world! It means we have entered the age of unusual earthquake activity.

Antarctica is the barometer of worldwide seismic activity. Once volcanoes on Antarctica begin to erupt — LOOK OUT!


Worldwide Underground Revolution

Scientists from many nations are now busily trying to discover the import of these subterranean happenings. The "International Study of the Upper Mantle" is now in progress.

Paradoxically, 1967 was, overall, the earth's quietest period in more than 70 years! Only six major quakes occurred. The average is 16 per year since 1897. Good news? No — rather an ominous development! 1967 was merely a quiet period in which subterranean stresses were building up for future TREMENDOUS volcanic and earthquake activity! A worldwide earth revolution is now beginning to take shape.

Dr. Perry Byerly, a former professor of seismology at the University of California, admits: "Something WORLDWIDE is going on, but it is hard to say just what it is . . . we don't know what. But GREAT FORCES are at work in relative patterns, trying to pull our continents in one direction or another. This is due to something below, A GREAT STRAIN THAT IS ACCUMULATING . . ." (emphasis ours).


The REAL Meaning

Seismologists may not understand — but you can understand. You can know where all this is leading!

To many people the Bible is either a dry and dull book, or is merely something to read when one is in trouble. Up to now, God has been warning the world in words — through the spoken message of His servants. This kind of warning is about over! God is going to "talk" to this rebellious world in a language they will understand ! God is about to shake this earth.

People confuse God's patience with indifference. They want to believe that either He is unconcerned, or perhaps even dead. But they won't have long to wait. They are going to see and feel the power of God — and fear!

God does not compromise with sin!

The earth's twisted strata and vast areas containing billions of fossils should have long ago taught us that sin brings a penalty. But men have allowed themselves to be blinded by the fables of uniformity and evolution. Scientists could have understood the lesson of the rocks — if they had not been self-deceived.

The Bible foretells GREAT EARTHQUAKES just before and at the return of Jesus Christ to set up the world ruling Kingdom of God. Read it: "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom" — a time of world revolution and violence among nations — "and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places" (Mat. 24:7). Luke 21:11 adds: "And GREAT EARTHQUAKES shall be in diverse places." The apostle John was commanded to write this prophecy for the near future — at the climax of world civilization: ". . . and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great . . . and every island fled away" — inundated by water — "and the mountains were not found" — came crashing down (Revelation 16:18 and 20). This generation is destined to live into these times. Think of it! No towering Alps, no Himalayas, no Rockies or Andes to cut off rain from the deserts. No wonder the deserts will blossom as a rose in the world tomorrow (Isaiah 35).

The earth will "reel to and fro like a drunkard" (Isa. 24:20) and actually be removed "out of her place" (Isa. 13:13), or out of its present orbit!

This time God is going to get the attention of those who have habitually refused to give Him any attention. God is the Supreme Teacher and, like any teacher, He can't teach someone who isn't paying attention. Man has refused to listen — refused to obey His written Word —the Bible.

The book of Amos is a prophecy for today. It is a warning to various nations, especially the modern-day descendants of the ten-tribed House of Israel and the House of Judah (Amos 4:12-13). And that includes Britain and its Commonwealth, and the United States and the Jewish nation called Israel today. God is going to bring our peoples to their knees and back to the right way of life. God will use drought and floods (Amos 4:7-9), wars such as Vietnam and Korea (Amos 4:10), and the kind of volcanic and earthquake activity that He used to destroy ancient wicked cities (Amos 4:11) .

The world won't laugh at God's truth then! The peoples of this trembling planet will stand in awe of the SUPERNATURAL DISPLAY of God's power under the earth and in the heavens above (Mat. 24:29). Then, and only then, when men are brought to their knees and humbled, will the earth "be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9).

There is ultimately GOOD NEWS for the future!

Psalm 46 gives the promises of God for true Christians in a time of earth upheaval. Read it! Christ said that true Christians need not fear these things that will occur before His second coming (Mark 13:7-8).

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You need to prepare NOW for events that will soon rock this entire globe!