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Is America Loosing...The battle for Economic Survival? Yes! There is a National Emergency! Who says time is closing in on you?
What GOD expects of human leaders "Man shall not live by bread alone" How to build leadership
What's keeping you from real success? Can we afford to write off the Human Race? The new Biology — Panacea or Pandora's Box?
Living in the shadow of Worldwide Famine The Majority: uncommitted, unconcerned and unaware The role of television in the decline of U.S. prestige
The battle of the Sexes....It's killing us all Will you Starve? Why Accidents?
Will we ever Learn? When you die — then what happens? The Modern Romans (part 1)
The Modern Romans (part 3) The Modern Romans (part 4) The Modern Romans (part 5)
The Modern Romans (part 2)