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Hello: my name is Steven Malaw.

I hope you can find what you are searching for here.

      Our Site Objectives

To supply biblical material that is intended – not to be offensive.

If you read an article and feel offended by it – I apologize, We believe this material to be mostly helpful.

If you believe that the Father is leading you to Christ then believe this – No human or spiritual being can stop that.

To do what we can, in this age of data transfer by the Internet, to help fulfill Christ’s prophecy of Matthew 24:14.

      Our Site Goals

A library of over 1,000 articles on many different Christian subjects – for your personal value and teaching aids.

Have this library made in at least 5 different languages.

Give you the ability to download all articles in PDF format.

Provide you with in-site search on Author, Location, Year, Word, or any combination thereof.

      Our Personal Beliefs

God the Father is fully capable of creating all human beings perfect, and He will – each in our own time.

God the Father has not given us human beings the power of choice to destroy ourselves.

God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are One in character yet different in abilities.

God the Father will rescue the fallen angles from their state of death.

God the "Creator of Holy and Righteous Characture" is fully capable of completing – to a sinless state – all beings
he has created, is creating, or will create.

      Some Favorites

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